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Chanel No. Z

The director's cut for the Chanel No. 5 commercial - the perfect fragrance for the end of the world.

Colin Murphy 7 years ago

Running On Water

Either this woman is the second coming of Christ or she is wearing hovercraft shoes.

Colin Murphy 7 years ago

Treadmill Dancer

Don't know what to call this, The Treadmill Two-Step or The Literal Electric Slide, but all I know is move over OK GO and Jamiroquai.

Colin Murphy 8 years ago

Polar Bear Horsemanning

You know a meme has become a part of popular culture once polar bears start doing it. Good god.

Colin Murphy 8 years ago

VIDEO: Epic Toilet

Part robot, part toilet - sent from the future to eliminate every piece of shit.

Colin Murphy 8 years ago

Surf The Net Safely

Videos like these and the movie The Net are why my mom still doesn't trust the "World Wide Web."

Colin Murphy 8 years ago

Jennifer Aniston's Sex Tape

An ad entitled sextape with "viral" ingredients. I see what you're doing Vitamin Water, and I almost didn't watch.

Colin Murphy 8 years ago

Football Trick Shots

Forget dropping dimes in basketball trick shots, this guy is dropping quarter(backs).

Colin Murphy 8 years ago

The New Old Spice Ad

Old Spice has done a pretty fantastic job of making it feel like a news event when they make a new ad.

Colin Murphy 8 years ago