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    Who Will Die On The Season Finale Of "The Walking Dead"?

    On a series as brutal as The Walking Dead, everyone's days are numbered. Here's a look at who might bite it next, from least likely to most.



    Chances of dying: 5 percent

    Not going to happen. She can hold her own, and since Rick came so close to turning her over to The Governor, it's only fitting that she survives while he finally kicks it. Not to mention the fact that The Walking Dead has so few characters of color and strong women that killing Michonne would be a total embarrassment.



    Chances of dying: 5 percent

    As much as many of us would like to see Carl go, it's tough to imagine Rick ever recovering from that. He's been through way too much this season to survive another blow. And since The Walking Dead just killed a child last season, they probably won't do it again until at least Season 4. And it'll be Judith.



    Chances of dying: 5 percent

    See above re: embarrassing lack of characters of color. But more to the point, Tyreese has so much left to do — he's a fascinating figure in the comics, and whether or not the show writers are going to incorporate any of those storylines, he's still worth developing in the coming season.



    Chances of dying: 10 percent

    At some point, sure — The Walking Dead could definitely pull the rug from under us by killing off the ostensible lead. Right now, though, there's too much to be explored in terms of Rick's losing grip on sanity. His journey this season would feel like a waste if he died in the season finale.



    Chances of dying: 15 percent

    Nah. Not after all she's been through. While it would serve her right for not killing The Governor when she had the chance, Andrea is too much of a bad-ass to get rid of. I'm not saying she and Michonne are going to ride off into the sunset together (fingers crossed) but she'll make it out of Woodbury for good.



    Chances of dying: 25 percent

    Well, that would certainly give Tyreese some more motivation. But it feels too soon to get rid of Sasha. Aside from Tyreese, none of the characters have any real connection to her, and neither does the audience. Killing her now would be something of a waste. At least wait until she and Tyreese are better integrated.



    Chances of dying: 30 percent

    Perhaps this is the result of watching too many Joss Whedon shows, but any characters pairing off feels like an opportunity to kill one of them. To me, Glenn is the more likely choice (more on him in a bit), but Maggie's a possibility. Still, the fact that she was already traumatized by The Governor should earn her a pass.



    Chances of dying: 35 percent

    Look, we already mourned Carol when we thought she was dead. Are we really going to go through that again? And yet, she's not adding much to the plot at this point. With an expansive cast, some characters do just become extraneous. And since Sophia's long gone, maybe Carol will follow suit.



    Chances of dying: 40 percent

    Again, it seems unrealistic for Maggie and Glenn to last much longer, and barring some random infidelity, death is the most likely culprit for splitting them apart. Glenn's grudge against The Governor could easily put him in harm's way. And we already know he's willing to die if it means protecting Maggie.



    Chances of dying: 50 percent

    Sorry, Dixon family fans. Merle's death could easily make Daryl do something stupid — you know, like dying. As nice as it is having one brother around, there's a reasonable chance Daryl will not make it through the next battle, especially with his new vendetta against The Governor. Grief and anger cloud the mind!



    Chances of dying: 65 percent

    Who? Exactly. Beth has sort of been walking zombie food from the get-go. At this point, she's really not serving any purpose except carrying Judith around, and really, a lot of people are up to that task. If she does manage to survive the season finale, let's hope she has something to do in Season 4.



    Chances of dying: 75 percent

    Exactly how long do you expect this one-legged man to last? Assuming the group leaves the prison — and given The Walking Dead's need for some new scenery, that seems likely — Hershel's plight will make him one of the first to go. Sorry for being harsh, but this is the zombie apocalypse we're talking about.



    Chances of dying: 80 percent

    Oh, he had his chance. But Milton has proven himself to be a weasel and a pain in the ass. It's not like Rick's group is ever going to accept him. It won't come to that, though — you align yourself with The Governor, you end up dead. Unless you come to your senses like Andrea. Next time be more assertive, Milton.

    The Governor


    Chances of dying: 95 percent

    The closest you'll get to a sure thing on this list. The Governor has been one of the best aspects of Season 3, but he also feels very much like a Season 3 character. There's no way for him to progress past this point. If the smoke clears and The Governor is still standing, I'll eat my chained-up zombie daughter.