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19 Ways Eggnog Is The Reason For The Season

'Nog haters to the left.

1. You know that the holidays have arrived when you see eggnog return to the shelves.

2. You know this to be true, and you love it anyway.

3. Eggnog is the juice that really gets the party going.

4. It's a drink that is infinitely customizable, starting with the topping: cinnamon or nutmeg.

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5. It mixes well with your favorite rum for a spicy drink that will get grandma to spill all the family secrets.

6. And if you'd rather forget all of your holiday memories, you can mix it with Fireball.

7. And as everyone knows, a spiked eggnog is the perfect way to warm up before holiday caroling.

8. And it's just as good out of the carton as it is in a cocktail.

9. Eggnog lattes will revive you from the dead, then slay you all over again with their greatness.

10. You know that eggnog is perfectly acceptable anytime, anywhere.

11. It's pretty easy to make, and makes a fantastic cooking ingredient.

12. You can use it to create magnificent eggnog French toast...

13. ...or freeze into seasonal ice cream.

14. It's the perfect beverage to accompany an intimate gift-wrapping session.

15. The scent of a spiced glass of eggnog is so wonderful you want it to follow you wherever you go.

16. Even animals can sense its greatness.

17. It's the perfect drink to share with friends and family.

18. Or...lovers.

19. Because eggnog has an unexplained magic that makes the holidays complete.

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