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    39 Unique Gifts You Can Get For Under $50

    Because you've been there, done that.

    1. A perpetual calendar for your punctual friend with an artistic flair.

    2. A vintage Apple monitor stand they can slip their phone into to relive simpler times on the World Wide Web.

    3. A Scandinavian, no-frills humidifier/diffuser that's a breath of fresh air to smell and look at.

    4. A Memphis-y insulated water bottle for your quirkiest friend who likes to stay hydrated.

    5. A rechargeable electric lighter that requires no flame, making it also windproof and a whole lot easier to use outside.

    6. A mini fish hotel aquarium so they can finally get that beta fish they've been talking about.

    7. A pair of aerating wineglasses that'll win over even the most snobbish wine drinker in your life (who you know is not here for a gimmick).

    8. A hand-built ceramic statement mug they can stare longingly at while they sip their morning coffee.

    9. A tabletop puzzle for your purest friend with an affinity for vibrant colors.

    10. Skulls Unlimited International, Inc., a subscription box that will feed your most morbid friend's curiosities by shipping bones and other osteological items to their doorstep every month.

    11. An LED dog leash that is sure to make any pup owner light up.

    12. An Ostrich travel eye pillow so they don't have to make eye contact with their haters.

    13. A 2019 Hobonichi Techo planner book that'll induct them into the cult following of this chic Japanese brand.

    14. A set of geometric whiskey stones for them to wow guests with.

    15. A projector that displays media from your smartphone onto the wall, so that friend who is always browsing YouTube on their phone can finally enjoy the content in all its glory. (Say goodbye to your living room wall — that's now being used for private Lit Parade viewings).

    16. A wooden earring holder to make their accessories art.

    17. A subscription service that'll mail unique spices to their door every month so they never get sick of their own cooking.

    18. A bonsai tree-growing kit your friend with a green thumb will enjoy watching over.

    19. A phone stand and office accessory holder that'll give them a hand.

    20. An avocado phone charger, because getting a low battery alert when you're out is the pits.

    21. A handmade, wheel-thrown bud vase for your best bud.

    22. A pistachio pedestal so your snack-happy friend has a place to store their discarded shells while they eat.

    23. A motion lamp that puts a fun twist on the beloved lava lamp — perfect for the wacky/nostalgic person in your life.

    24. A "tic-tac-trivet" — that's a tic-tac-toe board that doubles as a trivet, if you're stumped — so they can protect their beautiful tables from getting stained with cup rings while gaming.

    25. A children's denim apron for the parent who's having a hard time getting their kiddos in the kitchen.

    26. A guitar amp key holder for the shredder in your life who has much better luck holding onto a pick than a pair of keys.

    27. A Japanese-inspired tea jug with a striking modular design.

    28. A curvy wooden laptop stand to give the person who lives at their desk a boost.

    29. A sheep toilet paper holder that'll also hold their guest's attention, probably.

    30. A grow-your-own mushroom log for your friend who isn't into mush-y gifts.

    31. An activity mat that rolls up to become a backpack so picking up after their kids is a breeze.

    32. A handmade speckled bauhaus cup for the primary person in your life.

    33. A travel knitting bag so they can take full advantage of their subway commute.

    34. A geometric decanter that you can't go wrong with.

    35. And a pair of magnetic Bluetooth speakers that they can separate for wide stereo soundscapes.

    36. An unglazed terra cotta candle holder for a striking, minimalist centerpiece.

    37. An octopus shower caddy that'll hold all of their shampoos, conditioners, and shaving supplies.

    38. A flask-like water bottle for an easier fit in their backpack or purse.

    39. And a monthly service that'll send a box of handcrafted miniatures and mysterious historical documents to subscribers — perfect for your history-junkie friend.

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