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    18 Products To Solve All Your Little Annoyances At Work

    Okay, *most* annoyances. You're stuck with Kevin from accounting.

    1. A pair of Anker Soundcore Spaces active noise cancelling headphones to block out your desk neighbor's very loud chewing.

    2. Or, a pair of Beats Solo 3s, which don't have ANC (but cancel out just enough) so you're prepared to answer their questions without having to physically remove the cans from your ears each time.

    3. A pack of moldy sandwich baggies that'll ward off the infamous (around your parts, at least) lunch thief.

    4. A customizable privacy panel, because there are many perks to an open floor plan — but your manager's ability to keep tabs on you at all times is not among them.

    5. A desk blanket, because it's time to accept that you just aren't going to win this war over the office temperature.

    6. Or, a classy desk fan if you're on the other end of this age-old debate and believe the office is actually an oven.

    7. A privacy screen for your computer that'll prevent your neighbor from monitoring exactly how many minutes you've wasted scrolling through Twitter.

    8. A set of silkscreened cork coasters so you're not constantly having to clean up the marks from your coffee.

    9. A back pillow for your office chair with two adjustable straps because your back is really starting to kill you after hours spent hunched over your laptop.

    10. A mat if you have a private office and at least one pesky coworker who insists on walking into the room behind you unannounced.

    11. An essential oil diffuser that'll almost? cover up the smell of your coworker's tuna sandwich (while adding some moisture to your dry AF office).

    12. A totally microwavable, nesting lunch set if you're tired of scrounging around the kitchen at work for a bowl to transfer the contents of your meal into.

    13. A pack of Tide To Go pens, because you won't (or, at least, I'm guessing you won't) always have a change of clothing readily available to change into at work.

    14. A non-discreet electronics box to conceal all the cables crowding your workspace.

    15. A wedge you can place under your wobbly desk or chair — because there's no chance in hell you're getting anything done until that wobble is gone.

    16. Clear, stackable organizer trays to use in your desk drawers so they don't end up piled with junk.

    17. An extension cord, if your office isn't exactly abundant in outlet options and you often find yourself getting creative with your seating position to accommodate this.

    18. And a vessel that'll actually keep your coffee hot, for the next time you get dragged away from your desk by a meeting-happy manager.

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