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    38 Of The Best Things Under $10 You Can Get On Amazon

    Think everything from a pet-grooming glove to a miniature car dealership dancing waving tube man.

    1. A disgustingly satisfying set of Sticky Stake insect traps to make pesky gnats, thrips, and fruit flies think twice about coming anywhere near your precious plant babies.

    2. And Miracle-Gro food spikes that'll provide some added reassurance in the form of fertilizer, which ensures your potted child will live a long and happy life.

    3. Gold snail hydrogel eye patches — if you've ever considered adding slime goo to your skincare regime, these are gonna be your BFFs. Affordably *luxe*, these pads reduce the appearance of dark circles and dryness after just 30 minutes of use.

    4. A tissue box cover to ~house~ your Kleenex that you'll be reaching for the next time you watch Call Me By Your Name.

    Reviewer image showing the white tissue box with a tissue coming out of the chimney

    5. A wacky waving inflatable tube man that's fresh from the car dealership — but in miniature size — to bring uncontrollable joy to your WFH setup.

    6. Divider sticky notes to organize and annotate the book of positive affirmations you might be reading right now, because lord knows we need all the good vibes we can get in the year that is 2020.

    7. A four-way brush cleaner that'll be on hand to tackle (and erase) any stains that even your softest suede shoe has endured.

    8. Bottle Bright cleaning tablets to remove grime and funky odors that unavoidably build up over time in your trusty water bottle. These literally work miracles overnight, are biodegradable, and chlorine-free!

    Reviewer showing the progression of the tablets being used in a water bottle with the words "before," "during," and "after."

    9. Mike's Hot Honey that no home pantry would be complete without. This tasty and versatile topping has a devout following for a reason — enjoy this on everything from pizzas to ice cream, trust us!

    10. A massage ball if you're someone who misses going to get the professional kind. This handy device is almost like the real deal, just pair it with some oils and calming music and you'll be having your very own ~fancy~ spa day at home.

    Reviewer hand holding the blue massage ball

    11. A natural toothpaste and metal tube roller that'll lure you in with its appealing, minimalist packaging — and keep you around for the effective whitening and plaque-removing properties. You may even look forward to your next dentist appointment after using this!

    Product shot of the toothpaste in mint green packaging with clear white writing

    12. Reusable stainless-steel straws because you prefer your straws to be sustainable, sturdy, and not of the disintegrates-in-your-ice-coffee variety.

    13. A 2-inch blind-spot mirror that attaches to your rear-view, so you can switch lanes like a pro and finally take "Nervous Driver" off of your list of nicknames.

    Blindspot mirror being used on their rearview car mirror

    14. An adjustable blind duster because, sure, having your windows dressed with decorative blinds is nice, but did you know that area is a total magnet for dust bunnies?!

    15. Headrest hangers to tidy up your backseat and hang your groceries, handbag, or jacket on, because your car is an extension of you...and now your closet apparently.

    Carseat headrest hanger with pink handbag hanging off of it

    16. A pair of acacia wood salad utensils for the first step towards achieving your dream farmhouse aesthetic. Now you have no excuse but to start living your true ~cottagecore~ life.

    Reviewer image of wooden salad utensils resting on a wooden bowl atop a wooden farmhouse table

    17. A sheet of stick-on sound dampeners so you don't have to worry about opening and closing kitchen cabinets quietly if you're a morning person and your roommate is a chronic snoozer.

    18. A literary-themed cocktail kit for the punniest gift you could give to the bookworm in your life — who also enjoys a well-made drink.

    Product shot of the packaging, shot glass, stirrers, and tequila mockingbird book

    19. A 12-piece stencil kit if you're a bullet journal newb, want to make cute designs for greeting cards, or even start your own business! These come equipped with icons that can help you track metrics and better organize your notes.

    Open notebook showing stencil designs and handwriting resting on a coffee table

    20. A charcoal-based toothpaste with over 14,000 rave reviews. This stuff is perfect if you're looking for a natural way to a *significantly* whiter smile.

    21. A coconut lip scrub that'll transport you to your dream vacay on the beach where piña coladas are being served up all day. Travel and accommodations are not guaranteed with the purchase of this scrub, but buttery soft lips sure are!

    22. A dishwasher magnet for a simple yet effective way to *finally* determine if you can grab a clean spoon to eat your late night ice cream.

    Magnet on dishwasher

    23. A marble salt bowl that will add so much elegance and class to your seasoning offerings. Who looks like a grownup now, Mom?

    Top shot image of a sprig of thyme and marble bowls with different seasonings inside each

    24. A nifty electric cord wrap to avoid spending minutes that turn into hours of untangling.

    25. A terra-cotta bear that will miraculously soften up your hard-as-a-rock brown sugar. So you can make gooey banana bread — because that sweet treat is a staple in your home and not just a trend.

    26. Click n' play foam letters to brighten up bath time for your little ones, while also helping 'em become more familiar with their ABCs.

    Colorful foam letters stuck on a bathroom wall and the filled mesh bag that they come in

    27. A handy case of mint dental flossers so you can stay diligent with your dental hygiene and have a food-free smile whenever you're on the go.

    Reviewer shot of mint green flossers

    28. A pack of colorful 0.38-mm-point gel pens for anyone who's crazy about kawaii and SmOoTh penmanship.

    Reviewer close up shot of cat gel pens on top of a notebook that has "Hello" written in it with the pens

    29. A grill scrubber to erase years(!) of dried-on goop and grime from BBQs and stainless-steel utensils — little to no elbow grease required.

    Close up image of the scrubber cleaning a grill

    30. A scalp massager shampoo brush for your most relaxing and therapeutic shower yet. Gently scrub as you wash for a truly deep scalp cleanse.

    31. A beginner's guide to calligraphy if you've ever wanted to take up the art of lettering. This will give you five different alphabet styles so you can impress all of your holiday card recipients.

    Reviewer image of the calligraphy set with different styles of writing

    32. A pair of genius (and might I say adorable) pull strings, so you never have to accidentally tug on the fan when you just want some dang light in your bedroom!

    Reviewer image of the pull strings that have a bulb and fan attached to their ends

    33. An OXO slicer that will help you circumvent the dreaded "avocado hand." This three-in-one device cuts, pits, and slices your favorite salad food — not your fingers.

    Reviewer showing all of the three ways to use the avocado cutter

    34. A collagen hair mask to revive and repair locks that have endured multiple dye jobs, intense heat tools, or sun damage. For your silkiest, shiniest, run-your-fingers-through-with-ease hair!

    35. A grout pen if your tiles have become so unsightly that you've forgotten what color the lines are that's separating them. (Spoiler: they're white!) You'll feel instantly gratified with how well this brightens up flooring in your bathroom, backsplashes in the kitchen, or literally wherever tiles live in your home.

    Reviewer image of before and after using the grout pen on their tiles

    36. A pet-grooming glove brush that'll not only have your fluffiest pals looking like they just stepped out of the groomers, but also help with any shedding problems around your home.

    37. An art supply holder so you can stare satisfyingly at the rainbow of organization you've created on your desk.

    Top down shot of organized colorful artist pens

    38. And a "drain millipede" to avoid a call to your plumber and free your pipes from years of clogged hair (and whatever else is living down there).

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