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    30 Stunning Pieces Of Home Decor You Can Get For Under $20

    Not to be confused with 30-50 feral hogs.

    1. A curvy tealight holder to end all tealight holders.

    2. A set of geometric jewelry trays that can also be used to serve snacks on at your next function.

    3. Octagonally related: A macrame mirror to go full millennial boho.

    4. A Japanese-style ceramic planter perfect for any desk-plant enthusiast.

    5. A handcrafted "precious gem" soap that — I'm just gonna go ahead and say it — rocks!

    6. A pack of indoor/outdoor decorative lights that'll provide a surprisingly tasteful warm-white glow in your space.

    7. A mini tapestry to let your plant parent flag fly.

    8. A cross-pattern linen cushion cover that'll help you ~cross~ "throw pillows" off your Very Adult to-buy list.

    9. A twig-shaped drying rack, if you feel like branching out into cheeky kitchen decor.

    10. A sleek mag rack to show your reading material a lil' respect.

    11. A trio of whimsical cactus hooks that'll be anything but dry.

    12. Or, a set of minimalist natural-wood hooks to hang things your way.

    13. A geometric plant stand to give your greenery a boost.

    14. No-glue privacy film for a bit of privacy (and prism fun) where you need it most.

    15. An egg cup, the surprising breakout star of Call Me By Your Name not named Timothee, which'll soon be your favorite breakfast vessel for idyllic summer days.

    16. A contemporary floating wall shelf you can use to display your vinyl or magazines.

    17. A prism picture frame for a tasteful way to show off your favorite people and memories.

    18. A floating shelf — with an emphasis on the "floating" — that actually conceals every trace of hardware to create the illusion of levitating books.

    19. An outdoorsy cork board with tree push pins — if you don't buy this, well...you can take a hike!

    20. A double-walled fruit bowl with classy mesh detail work to remind you to get your five servings.

    21. A round marble-style dry erase board that'd look even better with a passive aggressive roommate note on it.

    22. A small Greek column to display your air plant in — mama miaaaa!

    23. A set of geometric coasters that — just guessing here — will probably look a lot better than having cup rings all over your table.

    24. A house-shaped tissue box that'll make you realize that a house is not a home without a house-shaped tissue box in it.

    25. A pair of bookends you've gotta hand it to — they're practical and intriguing.

    26. A metal letter sorter that you can also use to organize makeup palettes.

    27. A colorful horseshoe magnet to give your bare fridge doors some character.

    28. A set of vintage-style botanical prints you can frame for a super-affordable and stylish addition to your drab walls.

    29. A two-tiered jewelry tray for some eye-catching vertical storage.

    30. And a natural wood desk lamp for some strong Pixar vibes.

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