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    Best Exercise Jump Ropes

    Exactly what your new home gym setup is missing.

    1. Crossrope's "Get Lean" bundle for a versatile solution that'll please beginners looking for a low-impact cardio supplement and experienced fitness folk hoping to kick it up a notch with intense strength training.

    White and teal ropes against yellow backdrop

    2. An adjustable Everlast speed rope for a total-body workout that'll accommodate people of all heights.

    Jump rope with grey rope and yellow-tipped, Everlast-branded handles

    3. A durable Fitskuad jump rope with enough add-ons to turn you into a devout member of the skuad.

    Black jump rope with Fit Skaud-branded, stainless steel handles

    4. A ropeless Benvo jump rope that'll make exercising in tight spaces much easier.

    Ropeless jump rope with grey carry case

    5. A portable and compact weighted Jakago jump rope ideal for thigh and forearm strengthening, leg training, endurance training, and more.

    Grey jump rope with black and aluminum/memory foam handles

    6. A Sonic Boom high-speed rope you'll love if you're set on 100% tangle-free spinning.

    Sonic Boom branded jump rope with black handles and red rope

    7. A fully adjustable Redipo jump rope with padded foam handles so your hands never get sore.

    Model with orange Redipo jump rope thrown over shoulders

    8. A WOD Nation jump rope if you have a need for speed (and something that'll hold up for years).

    WOD Nation-branded jump ropes lined up in rainbow

    9. A Survival and Cross jump rope with light handlebars and twist-free coated steel cables to really master your double unders.

    All-black Survival Cross jump rope with skull and cross bones logo on handles

    10. And a XYLsports jump rope for a high-quality budget pick that gets the job done.

    All-black jump rope with no branding

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