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    Crazy Cat Christmas Cards From California Congresswoman

    That's a mouthful. Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, representative for a district in Orange County, has been working on The Hill for over a decade, and every year she graces those on her Christmas card list with some doozies starring her cat Gretzky. Here are the past 11 winners.

    2002: Gretzky hides from photos with his stunna shades

    2003: Gretzky finally works off the extra lbs. from college

    2004: Gretzky's on fire

    2005: Gretzky and Loretta take their relationship to the next level

    2006: Gretzky's been sucked into the Orange County lifestyle, brah

    2007: Nobody puts Gretzky in the cage. Come at me bro!

    2008: Born to be a wildcat

    2009: Gretzky says that isn't how you box step

    2010: RIP Gretzky, truly the end of an era (err decade)

    2011: The Ornamental Ghosts of Gretzkys Past

    2012: What the hell, you've forgotten about Gretzky already?

    And also this...

    ...her legislation even plays to her love of cats: