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26 Reasons Ellie Goulding Is Just Like Us

Elena Jane "Ellie" Goulding has found increasing success on the music scene, but she's not letting it go to her head. She's a regular person just like the rest of us.

Candice Winters 6 years ago

Harry Potter: What If It Was All In His Head...

...what if, get ready for it, Harry Potter (the boy who lived and all that jazz) was nothing more than a depressed, downtrodden kid whose natural defense against loneliness and depression was to use his imagination.

Candice Winters 6 years ago

Crazy Cat Christmas Cards From California Congresswoman

That's a mouthful. Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, representative for a district in Orange County, has been working on The Hill for over a decade, and every year she graces those on her Christmas card list with some doozies starring her cat Gretzky. Here are the past 11 winners.

Candice Winters 6 years ago

14 Photobombing Sharks

In honor of the end of Shark Week, here are some sharks who just really hate that they get the limelight only one week a year.

Candice Winters 6 years ago

22 Creative Ideas For Making Something New From Old Books

I love reading as much as the next person (if the next person happens to be a bibliophile; if not, I love reading MORE than the next person). In any case, sometimes you want your love of books to trickle into other non-reading parts of your life, and here's how you can accomplish that.

Candice Winters 6 years ago

Blobfish: I Am Better Than You, Sloth!

Sloths have a really great reputation because stupid celebrities like Kristen "Veronica Mars" Bell have become very public about their adoration for the animal that SUPPOSEDLY moves really slowly and laboriously. However, few people know about the OG slow-moving creature, the sloth of the ocean: me, the Blobfish. Eat your heart out KBell.

Candice Winters 6 years ago

Inner Turmoils Of A 20-Something With A Boyfriend: Girls Night Out

Just because you have a boyfriend, doesn't mean that you don't want to go out and see people. But going out with your (single) girlfriends is particularly hard. Your priorities have changed, you've moved on from your wild college ways and it's EXTREMELY difficult to convince yourself that shots fun. Because they aren't. Same with wearing tight dresses. Can't we just have a game night?

Candice Winters 6 years ago

1988 USC Chi Phi Rush Video

Chi Phi is no longer an active chapter at USC, but that doesn't mean they haven't left us with a little bit of 80s fratty legend. Watch and enjoy.

Candice Winters 6 years ago