27 Animated Characters As Body Builders

There are some strange, albeit talented, people over at deviantART. Apparently photos of beloved cartoon characters is a thing, and I’m kind of obsessed. And no, your pretty little Disney princesses are not safe.

1. TV’s Leading Ladies

2. 1. Sharon “Don’t Mess with My Braces” Spitz

Eat your heart out Alden.

3. 2. Vicky the “I’ll Babysit Your Face with My Fist” Babysitter

Watch yo self, Timmy.

4. 3. Gwen “I’m better than Ben 10”

I eat puniness for breakfast.

5. 4. Penny “You Don’t Want Me to Inspect your Gadget”

I play rough.

6. 5. Blossom aka Musclepuff Girl

The city doesn’t need me, but Equinox does.

7. 6. Daphne “If by Mystery You Mean Muscle” Blake

Danger-prone, my ass. I like a good rough and tumble.

8. 7. Totally Spies (remember us?)

We’ve traded in our spandex for platform stripper heels. Pow!

9. 8. Mum, mom, mama, ma, mummy, mommy, mother, Lois?

Fuck ya, steroids.

10. 9. “Purple Hair, Don’t Care” Leela

Deals with abandonment issues by doing 5,000 leg presses and 10,000 push-ups daily.

11. 10. Not-so Little Lisa and Mega-boob Marge

The pearls say I’m classy, but the muscles say I want to smother you with them.

12. TV’s Leading Boys

13. 11. Ash “The Basher” Ketchum

I’ve traded in becoming a Pokémon master for teaching jiu jitsu and muay thai.

8p every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Come to get your ass kicked.

14. 12. Benjamin “10-Pack” Tennyson

Come at me, bro.

15. 13. GYM TIME

Who knew all that was under Finn. Hey boy, hit me up.

16. 14. Danny Phantom (Mom Tested, Kid Approved)

17. Disney’s Muscle Milk Princesses

18. 15. Snow White and the Seven Rounds of Daily Steroids

Prince Charming can’t handle all this beef.

19. 16. Ariel, the Little Man-Eater

Try stealing my voice now, punk.

20. 17. Beauty and the Beastly Biceps

License plate cover reads: I’d rather be reading…my body mass index.

21. 18. Tinker Barbell

I don’t believe in fairies, only 5a workouts and the GNC store.

22. 19. Jaszilla

It’s a been a whole new world after I ordered the INSANITY DVD.

23. 20. Megnormous

Yeah, I’m Greek too. You don’t see me flaunting my bod on Pegasus.

24. 21. Jessica *Not a Disney Princess* Rabbit

Just because I’m not a princess, doesn’t mean I can’t rule your world.

25. 22. Alice *Also not a Princess*

Cake is for chumps.

26. Super Heroically Buff

27. 23. She-Hulk

Slender muscles is the best kind of bulge.

28. 24. Wonder Woman - like a Kardashian with muscles

29. 25. Now that’s Amazing, Spider-Man

These are the silks I like in order of preference:

Silk Milk (the new fruit kind with protein)
Silk pajamas (XXXXXXXXXL)
Silk that comes out of my body when I flex too hard

30. 26. Beast (pun built in)

Wait, my b. This is what he looks like normally. Not up to scratch on my comic book knowledge obviously.

31. 27. And finally, here’s Wolverine licking a zucchini

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