• 1. Kermit Doing Coke

    As a kid I once had a Muppets birthday party. It did not look like this.

  • 2. Goatse Kermit

    If I would have seen this as a child I may have been better prepared for the real thing. If you don’t know what I mean by the real thing then bless your innocent internet surfing heart.

  • 3. Kermit Ball Gag 1

    The fact that there is the number one at the end of this speaks greatly to the depravity of the internets as a whole.

  • 4. Kermit Ball Gag 2

    From now on when I reach for a cookie I will also clench my buttocks.

  • 5. Kermit Jesus?

    It’s either that or Kermit Judas right before he turns his back on Jim Henson. (Classic Episode).

  • 6. Abortion Eating Kermit


  • 7. Kermit’s Creeper Hands

    I am not nasty, I will walk away slowly now.

  • 8. In The Woods

    The Muppets Movie: Muppets Do Deliverance.

  • 9. The Internet Can Also Be Used For Good

    Replace the word “ruined” in this article’s headline with “improved tremendously.” Images compiled and captioned by your friends Carrie and myself at badtvblog.com