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Terrible '90s PSA Hosted By A Pre-Fame Erykah Badu

Everythingisterrible found this glorious clip of what appears to be an early '90s anti-bullying and drunk driving PSA two-fer. To top it all off it's hosted by a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed Erykah Badu, who confirmed later on Twitter that this was her first gig out of college. Shame cannot escape these internets, and for that we are grateful.

clinto 8 years ago

6 Anti-Spoiler Propaganda Posters

Tired of falling behind on a television series only to have your friends/coworkers ruin the best parts you haven't seen yet? Don't go down without a fight. Print these posters out and make a stand.

clinto 8 years ago

American Horror Story Drinking(ish) Game

Remember when drinking games only had, ya know, drinking? Get with the times and into the creepy Halloween spirit with this impossible-to-play-without-overdosing AHS game.

clinto 8 years ago

Harry, Prince Of...What?

If there's one reason why local news should stick around it's for its endless supply of wonderful, terrible mistakes. Keep up the good work, guys.

clinto 8 years ago

The Future's Looking Pawny

First cable television gave us Pawn Stars, next it was Hardcore Pawn... what pray tell will future seasons bring?

clinto 8 years ago

Well That's Awkward

We were all thinking it. Somebody finally said it. [Via]

clinto 8 years ago

King Curtis' Screencap Showcase

There are no vegetables in this post, only images and quotes from Wife Swap's most cherished monarch. King Curtis, the internet bows to you. [Via badtvblog]

clinto 8 years ago

12 Derpiest Snooki Faces

We expect the Jersey Shore cast to have the herp, but nobody could have predicted quite this much herp derp. [Via badtvblog]

clinto 8 years ago