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Joey Lawrence Explained With Pictures

When your child asks you who this great man was, you'll tell them "a 90's sitcom god," and then show them this.[via badtvblog]

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  • Joey Lawrence is/was...

  • The Original Jonas Brother

    Except instead of a promise ring he gave his girlfriend the gift of having sex with Joey Lawrence.

  • A Naturist

    In touch with the spirit of the Earth. We don't know if the carpet matched the drapes but we know the vest did.

  • Magical

    He was actually in every Cosby Show opening sequence dressed as Aladdin you just can't see him because Theo's head was in the way.

  • A Serious Musician

    (Don't everybody run to Itunes at once)

  • The guy that made out with you in all your dreams before you woke up and realized it was your dog licking your face.

  • A Serious Child Actor

    Who appears sad in this picture, like he just sold his GI Joe collection to pay for his mom's back surgery, sad.


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