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Awkward Jersey Shore Tanlines

Ever wonder what the cast of the Shore would look like if they weren't so thoroughly bronzed? Behold, GTL minus the T... [via]

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  • 1. Pauly D

    This is similar to what my abdomen looks like plus hair minus muscles.

  • 2. The Situation

    The v-neck, a sophisticated take on the classic farmer's tan look.

  • 3. Ronnie and Sammie

    Wife beater and beach coverup tans.

  • 4. Vinny

    Un-photoshopped. Physically unable to tan.

  • 5. Angelina

    Girls love big glasses tan.

  • 6. Snooki

    A traditional women's farmer's tan from a strict Islamic country.

  • 7. J-Woww

    I laid my head down on Jwoww's stomach too long before we went inside and made lots of babies together tan. From badtvblog