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8 Of This Week's Most Embarrassing TV Fashions

Bad stylists set them up, we knock 'em down! Cowritten by my partner in crime Carrie at

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  • 1. Crazy B*tch from 'Real Housewives of DC'

    To: Stuffwhitepeoplelike RE: PEARLS!!!

  • 2. 'Big Brother' contestant

    It looks like someone came out with an Ed Hardy shirt for sensitive art school types.

  • 3. Less Crazy B*tch from 'Real Housewives of DC'

    You can't recycle her in that it has to be see through.

  • 4. Blake Lively from 'Gossip Girl'

    I missed the episode where Serena gets into a car accident and has her legs replaced with salt water taffy.

  • 5. Kovacs from 'Bachelor Pad'

    If you combine his top with Blake Lively's bottom you'd have the real life white Aladdin.

  • 6. Aly Michalka from 'Hellcats'

    Recommended Halloween costume this year: Slutty Kurt Cobain.

  • 7. Twin brothers from 'Dating in the Dark'

    There really is nothing more humiliating than dressing like your twin at age 30.

  • 8. Tyra Banks on 'Americas Next Top Model'

    Inspirational messages on your chest can be uplifting, but they cannot literally uplift your massive hanging chesticles.