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    • clarissaraeh

      And here…we…go.
      I’d only known this guy a week. Second and a half date with him (2nd meeting was impromptu movie on the couch). Day after date 1 he asks if I had plans for VDay then says he’s already made us reservations at a nice Japanese restaurant in town and that he’ll be by to pick me up at 7. This should have been a clue but I took it as a sweet gesture.
      This restaurant is nice but not 5 star or anything. I had on nice jeans, booties and a sweater. When he gets to my door he is in a legit THREE PIECE SUIT. Tie, vest, jacket, wool overcoat. I was speechless.
      On the way to the restaurant he tells me how his phone screen became cracked. He shows me the phone and I see that a picture of me is his background. I seriously considered opening the door and just barrel rolling out. We get to the restaurant and another couple is walking up about the same time, he is basically running and pushing me along with him to “beat them” to the hostess stand. We get to the table, the waitress comes to get our order and before I could even get a sound out he orders my dinner for me. Peanut chicken, I hate peanuts.. Throughout dinner he will not stop talking about himself, about how he was private security for a fancy hotel (our first date he said he was a valet ??‍♀️) and had all kinds of celebrity experiences and how one time T.Swift asked him to spend the day with her because she was lonely…
      The owner came over to wish us a happy Valentine’s Day and give me a single rose. Before I could take it, the guy put his hand out to stop it and said, “I’ve got her flowers already, no thanks.” At this point I say I’m ready to go. We get in the car and he asks if I mind that he smokes. At this point I really wouldn’t care what he did as long as he took me home. Alas, he reaches under his seat and pulls out a package of loose leaf tobacco, filters and rolling paper. My father rolled his own cigarettes for a long time… this guy had no freaking clue what he was doing. We sat in the parking lot, with the car turned off, in February, in North Carolina for over 15 minutes while he attempted to roll that cigarette.
      When I finally got home he reached in the backseat and pulled out a bottle of champagne. Thank heavens for my mom and the “emergency call”, I gave a polite hug, dodged the kiss and respectfully sprinted back into my apartment. Never spoke to him again.

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