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    Updated on 27 Apr 2020. Posted on 27 Apr 2020

    NSW Teachers Return To School Today And Twitter Is Sending A Whole Lot Of Love And Support Their Way

    Where would we all be without our teachers?

    I come from a long line of teachers: Both my parents (now retired) taught, my grandfather did and I have countless aunts and cousins, on both sides of my family, who work in education.


    Seriously, if we were named like we were in ye' olden times, my name would be Clare Teacherskid.

    So, I got a little teary when I saw the hashtag #teachersrock trending on Twitter this morning, which was filled with people supporting NSW teachers returning to school today.


    Teaching during COVID-19 has been a confusing time and it was recently announced that Term 2 would recommence with schools progressively returning to face-to-face learning from week three.

    Here are just a few of the kind and wholesome tweets that are going out into the universe right now.


    To all the teachers out there...a message from Sharon #TeachersRock Take care!! ❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻



    On behalf of all your Asian nerd students who’d frankly DIE FOR YOU, shout to all the incredible teachers and support staff about to embark on a gnarly Term 2 tomrorow. 🤘#TeachersRock



    Term 2 starts in NSW tomorrow. I think we should all take a moment to say thank you to all the teachers and carers. You are all going above and beyond to make sure our kids continue their learning no matter what. You guys are the rockstars right now #teachersrock



    Teachers rock. Yes they do. Now more than ever. Love every one of you XX #TeachersRock #AusEd



    I’m so grateful for the education I received at the public schools I went to. Thanks to all the teachers who are heroes on the frontline! #TeachersRock



    To all the teachers out there: #teachersrock



    #Teachersrock definitely but so do principals. Let’s give a shout out to the leading educators in our schools who have lost sleep, worried and got on with a we can attitude. Thank you for all you do and are going to do. #Principalsrock



    After feeling so deflated and demoralised at the constant teacher bashing that has taken off over the last few weeks, I’m feeling so much more positive after reading the amazing #TeachersRock Thank you



    Term 2 is here... it is a world of unknown and uncertainty, but I have every faith that we've got this! We are teachers after all; we have love, passion, drive and most importantly strength. #TeachersRock #TeachersCan #teachershelpingteachers #bethechange #teachersareheros



    Our Prep (Kindy) teacher was amazing last week with 5-6 hand made/curated asynchronous activities each day. We saw her on explainer videos and heard her in audio instructions. She responded to or 'liked' every piece of student work. Mammoth effort omg!! #respect #TeachersRock



    To all #TeachersRock there is no doubt about your value to our kids, their parents and our society. So many parents have new found appreciation for the work you do every day.



    Good luck to all my fellow @NSWEducation teachers who start Term 2 today but am sure have been working right through the holidays. And to all the senior executive and principals who have been trying to make our a workplace a safe environment to teach. #TeachersRock



    Proud to know them. Proud to learn so much from them. Proud to be one of them. #TeachersRock Good morning term 2.



    As a life long educator, I have never before been so inspired (but not surprised) by the professionalism, flexibility, creativity and sheer effort of all teachers and support/operational staff at schools over the past 6 weeks. Ready, set, go for Term 2! #teachersrock #AusEd



    Thank you for the amazing boost after weeks of strain! Any teacher friends who haven’t seen the #TeachersRock messages - take a look and smile through your tears! Hats off to the school exec, SAS and SLSOs and wider school communities too!



    Day 1 of Term 2 for NSW teachers today. While we don't know what this term will bring I do know one thing with complete conviction... Teachers are amazing 🍎 I hope you all have a great first day back ❤ @NSWEducation @NSWSLI #TeachersRock #teacherlife



    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! Like many others, I have spent much of my break and this weekend getting ready for day 1 and beyond, feeling daunted by what lies ahead, and a little bruised by the current wave of teacher bashing. #TeachersRock has made my week!!!



    Awww! The #teachersrock hashtag is actually making me so happy! As a profession we need this little bit of love right now, let me assure you! 🥰💫😍💫😍💫



    My Luna is sending lots of ❤️ & virtual cuddles to all teachers in NSW today. Whatever this term brings, we got this! 👊🏽 #aussieed #newteachertribe #pstchat #aussieed #teachersrock


    Once again, a massive shout to all the tirelessly working teachers — you truly do rock!

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