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    Clare Is Legitimately The Worst Name To Have And Here Are The Tweets That Prove It

    Or, you know: Claire, Clar, Clair etc.

    For the Clares frustrated by all the spelling mistakes:


    My name is Claire. Not Clar. Not Clair. Not Clare. Not Clairey. Not Clairebear. Just Claire.


    Claire, not clare, clar, clair, or clayre


    @CarrrollClare ITS16 YEARS FOR ME AND I HAVE SEEN -Clair -Clar -Claire -Clre (<< idek) -Klar -Klair -Klare AND NEVER JUST FUCKING CLARE


    variations of my v simple name that people have mistakenly written to me in emails: claire, clair, clarie


    If you ever want to annoy Claire over text literally just spell her name like "clair" "clare" or "clar"

    For all the sheer number of Clares in the world:


    The Bachelor makes me hate all girls named Clare.


    who the heck is fox bronte and why did he add me to a list of "girls I'd shag" with only girls named clare? #okay


    I know at least 1638492917166284849371 girls named Claire/Clare

    For the Clares who are just out to give us a bad name:


    according to my timeline, some guy named juan pablo is an asshole and some girl named clare is a bitch


    @emlyncrenshaw my high school boyfriend cheated on me with two girls named clare both spelled like clare


    @CarlyMenta Girls named Claire usually aren’t that good at spelling there name Girls named Clare aren’t reliable and should never be trusted with a pair of scissors

    And finally, for the Clares who can laugh at themselves:


    the moment a girl named Claire connects to the internet she is now "Eclair"


    @Poeleveny I'm able to tell the number of girls named Claire in the room at any given time. I call it Clairevoyance.


    Nobody: Girls named Claire’s username: Clairbear_243

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