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    Just 15 Tweets About The New Norm That Is Sydney Train Delays

    You could not pay me enough to be working on the train platforms today.


    Was gonna say it's been a minute since I've whinged about #sydneytrains well here we go! Absolute joke!!!

    Twitter: @lil_cz


    Left my house at 6am. Start work in 4 mins at 8 and I’m not even close to getting there any time soon. Just another day on #sydneytrains

    Twitter: @jxnann


    real sydneysider shit is waking up to see #sydneytrains trending followed by #redfern. don't even have to check tripview to know to leave the house three hours early. cheers for that twitter x

    Twitter: @creamonomics


    Me: Wakes up extra early to get to work extra early #sydneytrains :

    Twitter: @lil_cz


    I dream of a working transport system. #sydneytrains

    Twitter: @PartimSilvis


    It’s going to be one of those days where I haven’t even left home yet and some how I’m already going to be running late for work #sydneytrains @T3SydneyTrains

    Twitter: @Yasmin_MarieB


    When #sydneytrains is trending and you're already on a train...

    Twitter: @gacd86


    Twitter: @BobbingheadYT


    Oh #sydneytrains thanks for preparing me for what hell is like. My recommendation for you commuters today would be call in sick.

    Twitter: @Maxill13


    3 stops in and my carriage is at standing room only. Today’s probably not going to go well if this is how it’s starting #sydneytrains

    Twitter: @Chrissaayyyyy


    #sydneytrains broken again! People can't get on, people can't get off

    Twitter: @Dakuwanga


    1 hr between services to the airport and central! Not a good day for train travel. #sydneytrains

    Twitter: @jpsari


    #SydneyTrains are a shit-show again...maybe I’ll take an Uber

    Twitter: @LobbyLBTF


    I spend over $250 a month on my opal card.. and I would say that almost 75% of trains are always late and 99% of trains are over capacity. But it’s okay we’ve got 17 more trains coming!! Gonna love to see that 🤦🏻‍♀️#Sydneytrains #whatajoke

    Twitter: @bibi2639


    The old saying goes that there are only two certainties in life: death & taxes. I'd like to add a third: Sydney trains being delayed. #sydneytrains #circularquay #nswpol

    Twitter: @MrSamMurden