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    These 19 Moments Will Show You How Hellish The Rental Process Can Be

    Why does a bond cost more than my car?

    1. When you and your friends are over-the-top excited about moving in together.


    I vote we get something with tons of natural light and a claw-foot bathtub.

    2. When you start spending every spare second scrolling through Domain, looking at dream rentals.


    I'm sorry I can't come to brunch — it seems I'm going to be inspecting houses for the rest of my life.

    3. When you show off your favourite find to your new housemates and declare, "Honestly, I don't mind paying extra if it means we get a patio."

    4. When you rock up to the inspection listed as "rustic charm" and realise that it actually looks like this...

    5. When all of you finally like a place and someone asks: "Should we offer more rent?"


    I thought putting an offer down was just something you did if you were buying the house??

    6. When you've been accepted and the Realtor asks you all to meet at the same place, at the same time, to sign the lease.

    Jeff Franklin Productions

    Meeting at 3 p.m. on a Friday doesn't really work for ANYONE.

    7. And when you find out that submitting a bond means going through a completely different body.


    Why must this process be made more complicated?

    8. When you're at the Realtor's office looking through the licensing agreement and realise that you know NOTHING!!


    Excuse me while I sign my life away and agree to everything I don't know.

    9. When you have to decide who gets the cupboard-underneath-the-stairs room.

    Warner Brothers

    Get inside, ya muggle, and be happy you're paying the least.

    10. When you wither away into a black hole of research comparing gas and electricity companies.


    I've been staring at the screen for so long, I can't feel my eyeballs anymore.

    11. When you realise that your house doesn't come with an ethernet port.

    DreamWorks Pictures

    And you're kicking yourself because you completely forgot to check for it in the inspection.

    12. When you're broke after bond and two weeks' rent but you have to splurge on essentials.


    Goodbye, all my money — hello, washing machine and fridge.

    13. And when you have to organise the delivery of said household items.

    Walt Disney

    Yeah, I guess I'll chill at home for an undefined amount of time — it's not like I need to go to work or anything.

    14. When you combat your anxiety from having no money by going on a homewares shopping trip to Kmart.

    Touchstone Pictures

    Why yes, I do need a slow cooker I'll never use.

    15. When you have your first conflict in the house.

    Paramount Pictures

    That's not my mug in the sink! I wash my dishes, Jessica.

    16. And you find out that one of your housemates doesn't actually know how to clean.

    Fuzzy Door Productions

    So this is how you use a toilet brush...

    17. When you have your first wine night in the house and you end the night by creating your own YouTube channel.


    Seriously, people will pay to watch us talk about conspiracy theories.

    18. When something goes wrong in the house and you have to figure shit out.


    What do you mean this is an Edison screw light bulb?

    19. And finally, when you finish your first month, and all your rent and bills were paid on time and the house doesn't look like a war zone.


    Now never to move again.

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