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    19 Hilarious Stories Of BFFs Going Above And Beyond For Each Other

    I am shook after reading these!

    We recently asked BuzzFeed Community to share when they went above and beyond for their best friends. Here are some of the wildest stories!

    1. This story that called for an impromptu plumber:

    My best friend took a massive shit that ended up clogging the toilet in our Airbnb because of all the toilet paper she used. Since there was no plunger and my friend is a major germaphobe, I had to stick my arm down the toilet drain to unclog it. It was probably the worst thing I’ve ever done.


    2. This story that's all about being a helping hand:

    Once I got so drunk, I started vomiting in my car on our way back home. My friend held her hands as a bowl to keep my vomit from staining the car.


    3. And this story that gives helping hand a whole new meaning:

    I had to help my best friend send nudes to her boyfriend. I held her boobs together while she took the pic.


    4. This story that LITERALLY has it all:

    I had to wait inside the car while my friend took a shit on the street. She then puked in the shower and I used my hands to clean it up. Her parents were sleeping and I didn't want to wake them.

    —Amanda Murcia, Facebook

    5. This story that is all about getting up close and personal:

    My best stuck her finger in my eye and retrieved one of my contacts that I thought was lost but was just stuck at the top. I mean, what else are friends for?


    6. This story that leaves so many unanswered questions:

    There was a queue for the woman's toilets and my friend's thong was really irritating her. We went into the men's toilet and since there were no sharp objects allowed in the club, I bit her thong off with my teeth.


    7. This story that shows off the true beauty of male and female friendships:

    When I was 18, I was living with three guys I found on Craigslist. One night the boys decided to play Edward Fortyhands, which is a game where you duct-tape two bottles of booze to your hands. They didn't consider the need to pee, so I had to help with the unzipping and what not.


    8. This story that's about the ~deep~ exploration of boundaries:

    My BFF thought her tampon was stuck inside of her. She was scared and freaking out so much that she couldn't look for it herself, so I had to. Turns out she hadn't put a tampon in that day.


    9. This story about the pains of being a woman:

    My friend decided to save money by waxing her lady parts at home. She bought a kit but didn’t have the courage to rip the strips off. She calls me crying and I came over to find her straddling the toilet and covered in wax. I ripped that sucker off and then hung out with my friend while she iced her crotch and drank vodka in the bathtub.


    10. This story that is about a true "ride or die" friend:

    My best friend and I went on vacation and rented a studio Airbnb. I ended up meeting a guy and she slept in a walk-in closet so I could get laid. She stayed there until morning.


    11. This story that shows off the real MVP:

    I once popped an ingrown hair on my bestie's bikini line that she couldn’t reach while she was pregnant.


    12. This story that shows what motherhood is actually like:

    It was a few months after my friend's daughter was born. We were at a party and she had brought her handheld breast pump with her but thought she was missing a piece. She called me into the bathroom and told me I had to help her because her breasts were engorged and I milked my best friend.


    13. And this story that confirms it:

    My son was having trouble nursing after a dental procedure. I took my BFF to the doctor with me so she could squeeze my boob while my son nursed.


    14. This story about female solidarity:

    I gave my friend a vag exam. She was complaining of severe pain and discomfort, and was genuinely worried she had a STI or some sort of major issue. We were both super awkward at first, but it was actually a good thing because we found out what was wrong.


    15. This story that doesn't have a happy ending:

    I had to look at a strange sore on my friend's downstairs parts to try and identify it because she was afraid she had herpes. She did.


    16. This story that maybe took friendship a little too far:

    I dated my bestie's boyfriend for a month to see if he would cheat on her. He did and then when it was over we kicked him out of the house and burned his sneakers.


    17. This story that, thankfully, isn't about shit again:

    My friend was very intoxicated and needed to pee. She couldn't walk down the stairs and I couldn't carry her, so I wrapped a towel around her and helped her to pee in it.


    18. This story about doing what's best for our besties:

    I had to forcibly put my bestie's pants back on her after she took them off in front of a police officer. She was drunk and didn't want to wear pants anymore.


    19. And finally, this story which features a real no-questions-asked type of friendship:

    I woke up to a phone call asking if I would be willing to supply clean urine for a drug test.


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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