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Tell Us The Wildest Thing You've Ever Done For Your Best Friend

I personally got concussed in an AFL game.

We all have that one friend who we would do absolutely anything for.


The things that you do together may seem super weird to other people but you're okay with it.

Even though you don't always agree with their choices, you're always ready to drop everything when they need you.


You've been through everything together, from the dirt-eating stage all the way up to the vomit-inducing phase.

And sometimes, pledging to go above and beyond, can lead you to some ~interesting~ situations.

Comedy Central

For example, was there ever a time when you had to lend your pants to your BFF when they've had explosive diarrhea on a date and needed a ~clean~ getaway?


That smell would have been horrific.

Or perhaps you've had to hand your friend an emergency knife and fork to cut up their literal shit that had clogged up the toilet.

TV Land

Giving your friend toilet paper is just so overdone.

Or maybe there was a time where you really dug deep for your bestie and helped them to find and retrieve their diva cup.

New Line Cinema

True friendship knows no bounds.

So, tell us a wild story where you've really had to go the extra mile for your best friend.


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