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    17 Scenarios About Deciding To Move Back In With Your Parents That You'll 100% Understand

    Here's hoping the "wait and see" approach will work out.

    1. Deciding to go back home, "just for a visit", only for the borders to close — trapping you there.


    Welp, I guess that decision was made for me then.

    2. And then trying to figure out what to do with the room you've still got in Sydney.


    So, I'm at home...but I'm still paying Sydney rental did this happen?

    3. Deciding to move home because there's a better beach-to-people ratio.

    Gary Sanchez Productions

    Bondi beach: packed with dickheads.

    Narooma beach: no one can hear you scream.

    4. Deciding to tough it out in Sydney only to realise that your housemates are being way too chill about this whole thing.


    So you have to attack them with disinfectant and a bucket of water when they walk back into the house without protective gear.

    5. Deciding to WFH with your five other housemates who are all also WFH — only to realise that you actually hate them.

    Paramount Pictures

    One of them is a "let's circle back around" guy, another has given up wearing pants and one girl is talking to a plant like it's her baby.

    6. Deciding to take the plunge and move back to your parents only to realise that you're now the major breadwinner.


    And the shift in responsibility has you REELING.

    7. Or, deciding to move back home and immediately reverting to your 16-year-old self.

    Cartoon Network

    "Muuuuuuuum, can I have a toasted cheese sandwich??"

    8. And because all your friends have moved back too, it's essentially high school all over again.


    Just without the bitchy sleep-overs, because social-distancing.

    9. Deciding to move back home, only to be confronted with your siblings who have done the same thing.


    Oh well, time to fight over the TV again.

    10. Deciding to play the "wait and see" game, only ScoMo has you seriously confused.

    TV Land

    Some say lockdown will be relaxed at the end of the month, others say it will last another six. Tell me the truth, Prime Minister — do I need to crawl back inside my mother's womb or not?!

    11. Deciding that now is the perfect time to go and live in that cave you saw the last time you did the Spit to Manly walk.


    It is time to enact my ultimate hermit dream.

    12. Deciding to move back in with your parents, only to change your mind immediately because actually moving is too hard.

    Media Res

    Also, in these times, is there anyone on Airtasker that you can actually trust?

    13. Deciding to move back in with your parents, but only if you can bring your new boyfriend with you.


    He's an international student and thankfully, you met a couple of weeks before lockdown.

    14. Deciding to move back in with your parents so you can afford the de facto visa for you and your partner.

    Universal Pictures

    If there was ever a time for the two of you to remain in one country — it's now.

    15. Deciding to move in with your extremely distant relatives, because they live in Sydney and have a spare room.

    Disney / Pixar

    It's the best of both worlds — you're still living with your family, but you're in the city and not out the back of whoopwhoop.

    16. Deciding to social distance in the fam's holiday home, only to quickly change your mind when you read that the NSW Arts Minister got fined for doing the same thing.

    Comedy Central

    I shall be staying in my inner-city dungeon of a flat then, like a responsible adult.

    17. And finally, deciding to adopt a pet, because you figure, if you have to move back to your parents, you might as well have some company.


    I am this close to adopting a giant Great Dane just because I've always wanted one and my rational side died days ago.

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