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    15 Reasons Why Moving Houses Actually Sucks More Than You Think It Will

    Moving house is a Herculean labour that no one prepared me for.

    1. First off, you have to come to terms with the fact that you're a hoarder.


    Why do I have five, tan coats? I live in Australia.

    2. You find photos of yourself from a couple of years ago and you realise that that was when you ACTUALLY were at your peak.


    Lol, 21-year-old me was not as unfit as I thought. 24-year-old me on the other hand...

    3. You begin taking down all of your picture frames only to realise that you "easy-peel hooks" aren't so easy to peel...


    And then you struggle to find someone to patch the holes for you, so that you can still get your sweet, hefty bond back.

    4. You spend hours transferring, cancelling and setting up gas and electricity.


    I have been on hold for two hours, pls just give me the power of fire so I can cook eggs.

    5. You remember you have to change your address for your bank, magazine subscriptions, work, university, healthcare and tax.


    Is it seriously that important to have my current address on my driver license? Can't it all just be sent to my Mum and Dad's house?

    6. You find a card from someone from high school wishing you a happy birthday and you get weirdly emotional about it.

    20th Century Fox

    We promised to never drift apart but we haven't spoken in years!

    7. You disassemble your bed because you're an independent person who doesn't need movers, only to realise that you have no idea how to put it back together again.


    So these bolts all look the same, but they're of slightly varying lengths. That doesn't matter, right?

    8. You realise that you're not nearly as strong as you thought you were, when you tried to carry a box of books down the stairs.

    Fuzzy Door Production

    My arms have been tingling for the last hour and they won't stop.

    9. You have to clean absolutely EVERYTHING.

    Comedy Central

    Could someone please explain how the walls that I've barely touched, still have dust and dirt marks all over them?

    10. You get to enjoy the pointless bickering that comes with dividing up your stuff with your housemate.

    The WB

    C'mon Stacey, you don't even use the colourful, cascading bowls — you only want them because I want them.

    11. You break something, no matter how careful you're being.


    One time I dropped a glass bottle of chutney in the pantry and my Mum yelled at me.

    12. And you always lose something important.

    Adult Swim

    It could be something minimal like a pair of scissors, but oh boy, don't you miss those scissors when you're trying to open up boxes.

    13. Your life just seems to want to throw difficulties at you while you're already stressed from moving.

    Gold Circle Films

    Call it fate, Murphy's Law, whatever you want — but as soon as you pack that first box, everything else falls apart. You have to do a presentation at work; your sister is suddenly pregnant and giving birth RIGHT NOW; and your childhood pet has returned, zombie-like, back from the dead.

    14. You know that you have to spend money to move, but oh-my-god you're spending soooo much money.

    Channel 4

    Time to put away my ASOS wish-list — its time to invest my money in Tupperware!

    15. Then finally, you don't have the energy to completely unpack, so you end up half-living out of a suitcase for a month.


    Plus, the bed still isn't put together, your fridge hasn't arrived and the walls are dirty from the tenants before you.

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