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    15 Reasons Why Moving Houses Actually Sucks More Than You Think It Will

    Moving house is a Herculean labour that no one prepared me for.

    1. First off, you have to come to terms with the fact that you're a hoarder.

    2. You find photos of yourself from a couple of years ago and you realise that that was when you ACTUALLY were at your peak.

    3. You begin taking down all of your picture frames only to realise that you "easy-peel hooks" aren't so easy to peel...

    4. You spend hours transferring, cancelling and setting up gas and electricity.

    5. You remember you have to change your address for your bank, magazine subscriptions, work, university, healthcare and tax.

    6. You find a card from someone from high school wishing you a happy birthday and you get weirdly emotional about it.

    7. You disassemble your bed because you're an independent person who doesn't need movers, only to realise that you have no idea how to put it back together again.

    8. You realise that you're not nearly as strong as you thought you were, when you tried to carry a box of books down the stairs.

    9. You have to clean absolutely EVERYTHING.

    10. You get to enjoy the pointless bickering that comes with dividing up your stuff with your housemate.

    11. You break something, no matter how careful you're being.

    12. And you always lose something important.

    13. Your life just seems to want to throw difficulties at you while you're already stressed from moving.

    14. You know that you have to spend money to move, but oh-my-god you're spending soooo much money.

    15. Then finally, you don't have the energy to completely unpack, so you end up half-living out of a suitcase for a month.