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    Hey Australia, Treat Yourself To A Little Doughnut Treat, Courtesy Of Oreo And Krispy Kreme

    Everything feels better with a mouthful of doughnut.

    There's no point trying to deny it — 2020 has definitely been a kick in the butt. But, at least now I have some good news for you, my fellow Aussies!


    Krispy Kreme has teamed up with Oreo — aka everyone's favourite cookie — to bring you three limited edition flavours.

    BuzzFeed / Clare Aston

    Cue a halo of golden light and the singing of angels.

    And as someone who had far too many of these for breakfast, let me tell you, they're bloody delicious.


    ^^ Me, this morning.

    First off, we have "The Original", which is the signature Krispy Kreme doughnut with Kookies 'n' Kreme filling and topped with icing and Oreo cookies.

    BuzzFeed / Clare Aston

    This might look like the plain Jane of the bunch, but you're wrong. It's got all the classic flavours of Oreo cookies. Plus, that crunch when you bite in, the sweetness of the icing, the smooth slide of the crème inside...that's what heaven tastes like, my friend.

    Next, you've got "The Chocolate". This one is bursting with choc crème, covered in choc icing and crushed Oreo cookie pieces.

    BuzzFeed / Clare Aston

    Definitely one for the chocolate fan — this doughnut is literally answering all of your outer-worldly desires. Seriously, get yourself a dozen and just let all your worries slip away.

    And finally, my personal favourite, "The Strawberry". This baby is drizzled with strawberry icing reminiscent of a finger bun from your local bakery, filled with a crème that takes you to candy heaven and topped, of course, with that awesome Oreo crunch.

    BuzzFeed / Clare Aston

    I cannot say enough about this doughnut.

    These delicious creations are available from Saturday 19 September, so make sure to run down and get your doughnut fill for breakfast, lunch and tea!

    Three doughnuts sitting on a plate, one with strawberry icing, another with chocolate and the last with white icing
    BuzzFeed / Clare Aston

    You can buy all three flavours in select Krispy Kreme Stores in NSW, QLD, VIC and WA (following all necessary social distancing measures) and also online at Menulog and UberEats. You'll also be able to get the Original Doughnut at 7-Eleven! Happy eating!