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    16 Times Commuters On Trains Were The Worst People In The Whole World

    I'm not sure I can be described as a people person anymore.

    1. When people try to be courteous by standing and not sitting down, but they stand in front of an empty seat — essentially stopping anyone else from using it.

    2. When people stoically stand in their spot, even when others are trying to move past to get off the train.

    3. When people sit in the aisle seat and instead of moving over when someone asks to sit in the empty seat next to them, they get up and make them sit down in the middle.

    4. When people loudly talk on the phone about personal things that no one needs to hear.

    5. Or, when they read important, confidential documents in front of everyone.

    6. When people work on their laptop, but don't pay attention to the rest of their bags/limbs so they end up all over the floor.

    7. When people jump up enthusiastically after someone ELSE has already asked an elderly person if they would like to sit down in their seat, so that everyone knows they were juuuuust about to offer their own seat.

    8. When people eat with their mouth open, especially if it's smelly food and a peak hour service.

    9. When people insist on squishing through the doors even when there's not enough room.

    10. When people put their feet up on the seat.

    11. When people play their favourite tunes without headphones, even though no one else wants to hear them.

    12. Or, when they play their music so loudly that everyone can still hear it through the headphones.

    13. When people let their children run rampant through the carriages, screaming as they go.

    14. When people litter after leaving the compartment and act like they didn't notice.

    15. When people that are waiting on the platform to get onto the train, don't let exiting passengers off first.

    16. And finally, when people take their bike on a packed peak hour service when everyone is crammed in like sardines.