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    17 Things Australians Do That The Rest Of The World Will Never Understand

    It's like a secret society of mates.

    1. Yelling "Ya right mayte?" when someone accidentally knocks your shoulder or cuts you off in traffic.


    In this instance, mate does not mean friend.

    2. Hiding that you don't know the second verse of Advance Australia Fair.

    Tiger Aspects Productions

    🎶Aaaaadvance Auuuustralia Faiiiiiiiiir🎶 *Awkwardly sits back down.*

    3. Burning citronella candles while playing goon of fortune on your hills hoist.

    4. Opening a beer with the end of a Bic lighter.

    5. Going esky raiding on a cool summer night when tourists are aplenty.

    Cartoon Network

    Easiest way to stock up on vodka cruisers.

    6. Shopping at a thrift store expecting the best of the best ~vintage,~ but ending up with something that looks like your grandma's nightie.

    Macklemore LLC

    Honestly, the thrift shops in America cannot be real.

    7. Checking your shoes for cockroaches and spiders before putting them back on.


    And banging them on the deck because you don't want to stick your hand in there.

    8. Inhaling a zooper dooper on a hot summer's day like it's the only food left on this earth.

    9. Visiting only three other parts of the country: The Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne.


    Although the people from Perth will claim that Bali also counts.

    10. Hosting a "Hottest 100" party and then venting on social media when your top pick doesn't win.


    And getting into heated arguments about the fine print.

    11. Snacking on the king of all snacks: Cabanossi, cheese and Jatz sandwiches.

    12. Fighting to the death over the correct way to eat a pie.

    13. Bunny hopping over the burning sand because you refuse to put your thongs back on.


    The balls of my feet may be burning with the flames of a thousand suns, but only the weak walk across the beach with their thongs on.

    14. Telling every international person you can find all about the killer drop bears.


    "The thing you've really got to look out for is the poisoned dart that shoots, spear-like, out from in-between their toes."

    15. Sarcastically repeating people from Melbourne when they try to pronounce "milk."


    I still don't get why you all say "malk" instead of "milk". Where did that come from?

    16. Taking photos of an empty beach with the hashtag #blessed.

    17. And finally, finding random fauna in your backyard and adopting them as your new family pet.

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