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    26 Signs You Were A Teenager In Cardiff In The '90s

    It was just like Human Traffic. Sort of.

    1. Your first proper night out was at the Under 18s Tuesday disco at Jacksons.

    Flickr: chwadan / Creative Commons

    Where you danced to Return of the Mac when it was still light outside. And then got home in time for EastEnders.

    2. Of course, you soon graduated to Berlins... before it became a lap-dancing club.

    3. And you always tried your luck at getting in here on your way to Metros.

    Flickr: savidgefamily / Creative Commons

    Entry to the staff club was 20p, and you paid an elderly man on a chair on the way in. Not weird at all.

    4. You celebrated your 18th birthday at your local rugby club.

    5. Where you drank so much Peach Schnapps you were forced to switch to cider and black. For the rest of your life.

    The Virgin Suicides / American Zoetrope / Via

    6. You watched Jurassic Park in one of Queen Street's three cinemas.

    Jurassic Park / Universal Pictures / Via

    Take that, Times Square.

    7. And on the way home, your dad took you to Great British Burger because they did cutlery.

    Heathers / Cinemarque Entertainment / Via

    Even though you actually wanted a McDonald's.

    8. You caught an orange bus to school.

    9. You remember how excited you felt on your first trip here.

    Flickr: jeepersmedia

    Is there anything better than orange sherbet ice cream?

    10. And you were never too old for a trip to Barry Island.

    Flickr: waltjabsco

    Everyone knew someone who knew someone who'd been sick when the pirate ship turned upside down.

    11. "Safe" meant "hi" and "nice one" meant "bye".

    Human Traffic / Irish Screen Fruit Salad Films / Via

    12. If you didn’t have enough cash to skate at the ice rink on Fridays, 75p got you a "spectator" ticket, which basically meant you were in for an evening of snogging.

    Flickr: willposh / Creative Commons

    13. But you called snogging "copping", or "going with".

    Now and Then / New Line Cinema / Via

    Which sounded waaaaay more dodgy than it was.

    14. Saturday afternoons were spent waiting for your friends by Beatties, or the band stand.


    Because you didn't have mobile phones.

    15. Trying to impress your crush at the Capitol centre's food hall.

    Girls / HBO / Via

    16. Or meeting your friends at the pool. Whether it was the one with a massive crocodile and wave machine, or the one where you learned to dive.

    Submarine/Warp Films / Via

    17. They filmed this bit of Human Traffic where you used to lurk by the jeans in Madhouse.

    Human Traffic / Irish Screen Fruit Salad Films /

    18. Forget Mulberry, JD Sports was your go-to place for the "it" bag.

    For P.E. or your school books. It even looked really, really stylish if you wore it to the pub. Before it faded and the letters rubbed off a bit.

    19. And although you wanted a Naff Naff jacket, you totally styled out a Splott Market version.

    20. You tied one of these around your forehead for the Radio One Roadshow at Astoria.

    Flickr: ditadata

    Or around your bun. You were wearing a bandana years before hipsters came along.

    21. You tuned your radio to Red Dragon and waited to hear your name on "The Love Hour".

    22. You got sick on the boat party from Penarth to Weston-super-Mare and back.

    Wes Sumner / Via

    You hadn't lived until you'd danced to "King of My Castle" under the stars, in a boob tube dress or fluorescent Ben Sherman shirt.

    23. You felt smug that you could roll the "r"s properly to Catatonia.

    24. You were too young for Emporium or The Hippo Club.

    Skins / Paramount Pictures / Via

    25. So you drank Hooch outside here, instead.

    26. And realised teenage life probably didn't get much better than that. Lush.

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