This New Zealand Version Of The “First Kiss” Video Is The Cutest One Yet

Ten gentlemen kissing for the first time? Shut it doowwwn.

1. New Zealand group, Love Your Condom, is the latest to join the list of “First Kiss” video parodies.

2. They asked 10 men who are strangers to kiss for the first time. At first, no one could stop giggling…

3. This guy did an awkward bopping dance…

4. Some people decided to hug it out before kissing to feel closer.

5. And some hugs were a little intimate…

6. This guy did another awkward bopping dance…

7. And then boom! Fireworks.

8. Some were yummy make-outs.

9. Others started with sweet quick kisses.

10. Some laughed about it.

11. Others were like, “That was kinda slobbery.”

12. And some just hugged it out.

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