This Video Of People Kissing For The First Time Goes From Awkward To Beautiful In Mere Moments

Update: It turns out this video is an advertisement for Wren Studio. The kissers are all actors and models.

1. Tatia Pilieva asked 20 strangers to kiss upon their first meeting.

ID: 2588076

2. At first it was kind of uncomfortable…

ID: 2588084

3. Most couples introduced themselves before locking lips.

ID: 2588085

4. Some of them dished out compliments or locked eyes to get in the mood.

ID: 2588092

5. But when they finally went for it it was magic.

ID: 2588098

6. They seemed to lose themselves, at least for the moment.

ID: 2588106

7. There was even an ass grab!

ID: 2588107

8. Human connection is fun!

ID: 2588108

9. We’re willing to bet some of these couples got to experience seconds or even thirds.

ID: 2588111

10. “Do we make out more?” one couple asked. HELL YEAH! Go for it, you guys.

ID: 2588119

11. UPDATE! This video is an ad for Wren clothing, and the kissers are all actors and models.

ID: 2593103

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