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Move Over Hello Kitty, Sanrio Just Created Its Greatest Character Yet

Adorable on the outside, suppressed rage on the inside.

The latest character to join Sanrio is an adorable red panda named Aggretsuko.

She's just a young twentysomething living that urban city life and, well, she's maybe THE most relatable character yet.

Aggretsuko works REALLY hard, even though her bosses are completely unsympathetic.

And she keeps it ~real~ when it comes to coworkers shoving baby photos in her face all the time.

Everyone at work sees her as a pushover, but when she's pushed to the limit...

...her rage meter maxes out.

And when that happens, she does what ALL of us would do...she has a drink.

And then she takes out her frustration and stress with heavy metal karaoke sessions!

But, don't worry, Aggretsuko has some great friends at work, too. And, YES, they do yoga together.

She is us. We are her.

You can check out Sanrio's entire Aggretsuko introduction video here:

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