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    Pokémon Mouths Are Here And Oh My God

    We did this to ourselves.

    So Pokémouths are a thing now.

    We've seen lip art before but people are really taking it to the next level by painting entire Pokémon around their mouths.

    And, sure, we’ve seen people transform their entire faces into Pokemon-inspired makeup masterpieces before, but this trend is in a veryyy specific place.

    Yup, Pokémon mouths are now a #hottrend.

    And they feature all the classic pocket monsters.

    The all time faves.


    And even the under appreciated.

    There are lots of Pikachus.

    He's kind of a big deal.

    Even pikachus in lip form.


    Pokéballs are another big theme.

    Pokéball lips, specifically.

    Like, so many pokéballs.


    I wasn't lying.

    You do you, and catch them all in style.