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Have You Actually Been Picking Your Avocados The Wrong Way This Entire Time?

We've all been lied to!

Who doesn't love avocados, right? Their creamy deliciousness goes great on toast, salads, and pasta.

Not to mention that guacamole wouldn't even exist without them.

And you might have heard that the best way to check if an avocado is ripe is by popping off that little nub at the top.

WELL STOP! It's actually a part of the stem, and it protects the avocado from the air.

When you pull the stem off, it exposes the flesh. This can cause the top of the avocado to ripen faster than the rest of the fruit.

Just like when you leave your guacamole out for too long, oxygen causes oxidation which turns it brown.

The best way to know if an avocado is ripe is to just give it a nice, soft squeeze. The skin should be dark green, and the fruit should have a little give, but not be mushy.

Now go forth with your new knowledge and share the amazingness that is avocados!

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