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    • citizennyc

      Yeah, crazy Nate Silver, giving those poor deluded liberals hope with his wild prediction that Obama is more likely than Romney to win the electoral college.  FYI, the most up-to-date “no tossup” electoral maps from the other major electoral trackers: RealClearPolitics: Obama 290/Romney 248
      Talking Points Memo: Obama 303/Romney 235
      Huffington Post: Obama 303/Romney 206 (FL tied)
      Karl Rove (!): Obama 281/Romney 235 (VA and CO tied) For the record, currently Nate has Obama 300/Romney 238, so his predictor isn’t even the most favorable to Obama.

    • citizennyc

      In 2010, not exactlyafriendly year for Democrats, 538 predicted6of7contested Senate races and 36 of 37 governorships. In the two instances he was wrong, he predicted the Republican would win and it ended up going to the Democrat. He predicted Republicans would take over the House withagain of roughly 55 pickups; they got 63, off by 8, but 63 was still well within his confidence interval. He also predictedaweek before the Wisconsin recall that Walker would easily survive.

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