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    25 Problem-Solving Products From Chewy That Pet Owners Truly Love

    These *paws-itive* reviews speak for themselves.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A tube of C.E.T. enzymatic vanilla-mint flavored toothpaste if you want to get rid of your dog or cat's plaque and smelly breath for good.

    2. A step-in cat scratcher toy with catnip (!!) to save your beloved furniture from your those claws of fury!

    3. A container of Musher's secret paw protection dog wax since you want to keep their precious paws soft. This will heal and protect against dryness and cracking (especially in winter)!

    4. A Furbo HD dog camera with a treat dispenser so you can keep an eye on your furry friend, talk to them, AND give them treats even when you can't be home. It'll give you both peace of mind!

    5. A dog life jacket for dogs who love to splash, swim, and float in the water...but need a little bit of extra support and safety.

    6. An extra-wide ceramic elevated two-cup cat bowl so you can ease neck strain and whisker fatigue and motivate your kitty to eat up!

    A reviewer's cat eating from the elevated bowl

    7. A box of wheat-free peanut butter cake mix with frosting because you've always wanted to celebrate your dog's special day with cake and candles, but can't give them real (human) cake.

    A reviewer's dog licking the peanut butter cake

    8. A lock-and-crock small animal dish that will actually stay in place while your lil' friend eats and drinks. Say goodbye to messes and wasted food!

    9. A creamy vanilla pet odor exterminator candle so your house will smell amazingly delicious, even though your beloved pets are a little stinky.

    A reviewer's photo of the candle lit up

    10. A reptile lamp stand to safely suspend a lamp fixture above your enclosure and keep your lil' reptile nice and toasty — the adjustable knobs mean the perfect level of heat and warmth!

    reviewer's picture of the lamp stand warming a reptile tank with five-star caption "great for beardy baby"

    11. An EZ mount cat window perch so your kitty can have the perfect elevated spot to watch the birds outside...or nap in the sunlight.

    reviewer's cat lounging on the window perch

    12. A two-pack of washable leakproof pee pads that will protect against those who accidentally wee-wees again and again.

    Reviewer's dog curled up next to three large pee pads

    13. A support harness so dogs who are disabled or recovering from an injury can still move around easily!

    Human using the handles and support harness to help a large dog walk up the stairs

    14. A unicorn covered cat and dog bed because only a bed this *magical* will finally convince your pet to stop taking over your bed.

    A reviewer's cat snuggled in the unicorn bed

    15. A waterproof treat pouch that makes it easy to store your phone, keys, and LOTS of treats, thanks to the multiple pockets. Plus, the hinged-opening means it *actually* stays open when you're trying to get the treats out!

    A reviewer's dog waiting patiently for their owner to dispense the treats from the pouch

    16. A combo dog brush with two specialized sides to maximize grooming. One side removes tangles while the other redistributes natural oils for that ultimate silky, shiny coat.

    17. A dog DNA test because it's the best way to find out exactly what breed(s) your dog is — which can help you better understand the needs and behavior of your dog!

    18. A two-way squirrel baffle that will *actually* confuse those squirrels and keep them away from the bird seed!

    Reviewer's photo of the squirrel baffles hanging above their bird feeders

    19. A stainless-steel professional nail trimmer to make clipping those dog nails so much easier, especially thanks to the nonslip grip and safety guard.

    reviewer holding the nail clipper next to their dog's paw

    20. An API freshwater aquarium master test kit that will make it easy peasy for you to measure the six most important aquarium levels so you can keep your fish healthy.

    21. A nylon cat harness and bungee leash because some kitties love their walks just as much as dogs, and this secure harness comes in six fun colors!

    A reviewer's kitten wearing the purple harness

    22. A set of four colorful collapsible silicone bowls so you never have to worry about not having a water bowl handy. These bowls fold down and easily clip to your backpack or leash!

    the four bowls (red, blue, green, and yellow)

    23. A snazzy blue doggy daypack with four expandable pockets since hiking is a whole lot easier when your doggo can carry their own water, toys, and treats!

    A reviewer's medium sized dog wearing the daypack on a hike

    24. An extra-wide, 30-inch auto-close pet gate so you can keep your pet safely contained wherever you need. It works indoors, outdoors, in doorways or patios, and can open to the left or right.

    A reviewer's photo of the gate installed on the patio, keeping the dog from roaming around the yard

    25. A sherpa-lined and airline-approved deluxe pet carrier to make traveling hassle-free for you both.

    A reviewer's dog in the carrier

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