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    31 Gifts From Walmart That’ll Make Just About Any Child Overjoyed

    You're guaranteed to become any kid's favorite person if you give them one of these fun, interactive, and entertaining toys.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!)

    1. A Barbie camper playset so they can pretend that their Barbies are going on a fun outdoor adventure. Plus: it comes with a cute dog and a working doggie door in the camper!

    child playing with barbie doll camper set

    2. A Hot Wheels tower track set that you can set up to make your cars crash in mid-air. They can also store up to 20 of their Hot Wheels cars in the tower.

    kids playing with a blue and orange hot wheels track

    3. A classic Easy-Bake oven perfect for kids who love to help you out when your bake. Just view this as a future investment for when they become a Food Network star one day.

    three kids playing with an easy bake oven and putting a tray in

    4. A Doc McStuffins doll that sings a song encouraging young ones to wash their hands. She even wears her own doll-sized mask. We love a toy that teaches good habits!

    child playing with a doc mcstuffins doll and accessories

    5. A Play-Doh set with eight different Play-Doh colors, 20 tools, and a storage case to keep everything together. Let their imagination run wild as they make fun shapes and creations!

    a parent and a child playing with play doh

    6. A T-rex action figure from Jurassic World perfect for the dino-loving kid in your life. Just move the T-rex's tail around and the action figure's head, body, and mouth come to life. Oh, and it even roars!

    kid playing with a t rex figure from jurassic world while in the grass

    7. An activity walker for babies who are just learning how to get up on their feet and move around. Once they start playing with the interactive elements and hear the sounds coming from the walker, they'll be reaching for this toy daily.

    toddler using an activity walker to stroll across the living room floor

    8. A pink and purple bike because what kid doesn't want to whip around the neighborhood and show off their brand new wheels on Christmas morning?! It comes with training wheels in case the kid you're giving it to is still learning to ride a bike.

    pink and purple bike with training wheels and tassels

    9. A Polly Pocket purse compact that's shaped like a seashell. When they open it, they'll discover a fun underwater setting perfect for their Polly Pockets to interact with. Bonus: the whole set is small enough for them to take anywhere.

    kid playing with a seashell polly pockets set

    10. A Spider-Man figurine for the MCU fanatic on your list. Our ~spidey senses~ are telling us that this gift will be a sure-fire hit.

    kid imitating a spider-man figure with both of their left hands up in the air with the web shooting hand signal

    11. A barnyard playset featuring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck figurines that your kid can use to act out fun adventures. With more than 14 accessories like a tractor and a chicken that actually lays eggs, this toy set will provide your kid with hours of fun.

    kid pushing donald duck in a toy tractor in front of a disney junior mickey barnyard playset

    12. A play kitchen so they can feel like a grown-up as they pretend to bake cupcakes or make lunch. All the appliances are interactive, so they can push buttons and turn knobs to their heart's delight.

    little kid playing with a brightly colored kid kitchen

    13. A Fifi the Flossing Sloth doll that dances along to three different songs. In addition to flossing, this adorable sloth blinks its eyes and wiggles its cute little butt.

    child flossing while a purple flossing doll dances and moves

    14. A Star Wars-themed Monopoly board game inspired by the hit show The Mandalorian on Disney+. Fans of the show will recognize items on the board like a cup of broth, a frog, a tracking fob, and, of course, Baby Yoda (or should we say Grogu? 👀) in many of his signature poses.

    star wars monopoly board game

    15. A Paw Patrol Dino Rescue patroller team vehicle that's completely motorized, so your kid can just press a button and watch the cool truck go!

    a paw patrol vehicle with a chase and t rex figurine

    16. A Kinetic Sand kit to mix, shape, and mold into fun shapes and designs. Bonus for parents: the sand is designed to stay together, so that means they won't be cleaning up grains and grains of sand from now until eternity.

    two kids playing with a kinetic sand kit

    17. A Queen Elsa doll that sings the hit song "Show Yourself" from Disney's Frozen 2. Get your camera ready to get a video of your little one singing along with Elsa.

    child playing with an elsa doll that sings and moves along

    18. A ballerina doll perfect for any little dancer who loves practicing their demi-pliés and pirouettes. They can pose this doll to mimic the ballet moves they're learning in class!

    three poseable ballerina dolls with a leotard and tutu

    19. An Adventure Force track set with five bonus cars and plenty of obstacles so they can experience pure delight as they race their cars over and over again.

    kid playing with a car racing track

    20. A Mrs. Potato Head toy for Toy Story fans who have been begging to play with the toys they see on screen. Just like in the movie, you can store all of her accessories right inside her potato body!

    21. A Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn smart stages chair that helps your little one learn their ABCs, colors, shapes, and more. And it plays over 50 songs, tunes, and phrases.

    22. A Little Tikes adjustable basketball hoop so they can practice their jump shot and slam dunks. Never too early to start training for the big leagues!

    kid slam dunking a basketball into a little tikes basketball hoop

    23. A Lego kit that depicts the scene in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix where Umbridge confronts Grawp the Giant in the Forbidden Forest. If you have a diehard Potterhead on your holiday list, this 253-piece Lego set will be an absolute hit.

    kid plays with a harry potter lego set

    24. Or this 790-piece Lego set with classic bricks that will spark the imagination of any creative young mind. It comes with some building ideas to get them started, and then from there they can make their builds as unique as possible.

    a box of lego classic bricks with hundreds of bricks

    25. A wooden train set and table with 100 (!!) accessories so your kid can let their imagination run wild as they move little vehicles around the tracks.

    kid playing with a wooden train set on a wood table

    26. A Pogo Hopper with a soft foam base that squeaks as they hop around. You'll get just as much joy out of this toy as you watch them try to hop higher and higher.

    kid holding on it and jumping on a blue pogo hopper

    27. A Disney Princess wooden play castle that will seriously impress any kid who watches Disney movies on repeat. It stands over 5 feet tall, it comes with a 10-piece furniture set, and they can customize the rooms thanks to themed backgrounds they can place in the castle.

    28. A pony toy that they can walk with, bounce on, or ride across the living room. No matter how they decide to play with it, they'll be delighted by all the sounds and lights the pony emits!

    29. An LOL! Surprise doll with brightly colored hair your child will love brushing and styling. It also comes with lots of surprise accessories they'll have fun discovering when they open the case.

    an lol surprise doll with pink hair and orange highlights and colorful accessories. the doll is sitting in a capsule-style case

    30. A Mario figurine that says iconic phrases like "It's-a-me, Mario!" when you press his hands, feet, and hat. They can even pose him in five different ways (like his signature jumping pose!) to unlock music from the Super Mario games.

    super mario figure posing like he's about to jump

    31. And finally, a hoverboard with neon lights on the bottom that you might have just as much fun riding down the block as they do. Make sure they're wearing a helmet when they ride this!

    kid sitting on a couch with a lit up hoverboard on his feet

    You when you witness how happy the kids in your life are once they unwrap these killer gifts:

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