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    24 Pet Toys On Amazon Reviewers Say Is Their Pet’s Absolute Favorite

    🎵Toys filled with catnip and bones made for chomping, here are a few of our favorite things.🎵

    1. A hide-a-squirrel plush dog toy that you dog will become obsessed with as they search for the cute 'lil squirrels tucked inside the log.

    2. A towered trackball toy to activate a cat's natural hunting instincts, which means they'll stop pouncing on random items around the house and focus on playing with this toy instead.

    3. A set of squeaky plush toys that come in cute woodland animal designs and have three squeakers in each toy. It doesn't contain any stuffing, so if your dog gets a bit rough with it, you don't have to worry about fluff exploding all over your house.

    4. A classic Kong toy with a hollow center you can stuff with peanut butter or their favorite treat. Give this to them and sit back and relax while they spend hours getting every last morsel of food out of it.

    5. A ball launcher to take your game of fetch to the next level. And thanks to the handle, you'll never have to pick up a slobbery ball again!

    6. A tart-shaped daybed filled with fruit toys, because your pet deserves to have a perfectly ~sweet~ playtime.

    cat in a tart-shaped bed with fruit toys inside of it

    7. A willow-branch ball for your bunny to chew, nudge, and play with so they can keep themselves occupied while they're in their cage. It's made out of all natural materials, so you can rest assure they'll be safe as they nibble on it.

    big brown and white bunny in her cage next to a willow branch toy

    8. A durable chew toy that will stand up to even the toughest of chompers. The toy also has multiple textures that massages your dog's gums as they play.

    9. A fish-shaped toy to keep your cat entertained for hours as it flips and flops around. It has a pouch to place catnip in so your cat will be attracted to this toy the second the box opens.

    10. An interactive toy that'll keep small pets like rabbits and chinchillas occupied while they search for treats hidden in the toy.

    11. A flexible dog flying disc your pup will pawsitively flip for as you toss it for them on trips to the park. It's also waterproof, so it's a great pool or beach toy.

    12. A shreddable bird toy made out of soft pithy wood that your bird will squawking mad over. Watch in amazement as they occupy themselves with ripping this toy apart.

    13. A behavioral aid toy with a heat pack and a "heartbeat" inside, which soothes puppies and helps them transition to their new home.

    14. A collapsable cat tunnel that your feline friend will spend hours and hours running through. Even the laziest of cats will abandon their nap to sprint through these.

    15. A cat scratcher pad with a ball and a mouse swatter, making it perfect for multi-cat households because it provides three fun-filled activities in just one toy!

    16. A tug-of-war toy that is flexible and durable, even as your dog digs their chompers into it and pulls as hard as they can!

    17. A dog treat dispensing toy to mentally stimulate any dog who loves both playtime and treats. Even the most rambunctious dogs will slow down to try and get a treat out of this.

    dog pawing at an interactive toy trying to get a treat out

    18. A cat teaser toy for your cat to be endlessly entertained by, as you dangle the feather in front of them with a wand. They'll feel so accomplished once they finally snatch the colorful feather.

    19. A super tough bone great for larger breeds, because it can withstand intense chewing. The bone comes in a bacon or steak flavor, so your dog won't be able to resist the meaty goodness this toy offers.

    20. An automatic laser toy so you don't have to operate a handheld laser for hours on end to keep your cat occupied. With this, just turn it on and try not to laugh at how much they lose it over a simple red light.

    21. A peanut butter-flavored chew toy that promotes good dog dental health thanks to the ridges and nubs that remove plaque and tartar as they chomp away.

    22. A squeaky plush "White Paw" dog toy so your pup can have their own version of your favorite hard seltzer drink.

    23. A "hot pursuit" toy that has a concealed wand and a visible toy at the end, which your kitty will chase and chase and chase as it moves in a circular motion on the ground.

    kitten peeking under a blue mat to find the wand

    24. And finally, a rope toy for the pups who don't care about fancy stuff and just want to gnaw on some good old-fashioned rope.

    Your pet protecting their new favorite toy like a champ:

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