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    35 Things Perfect For Anyone Who Loves Both The Book *And* The Movie

    We're here to honor our favorite books that have been adapted into equally great movies for the bookworm/cinephile crossbreeds out there.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A book keychain so you can keep your favorite books close to you wherever you go. This Etsy shop has dozens and dozens of books to choose from, but we're partial to The Great Gatsby with its original cover.

    person holding up great gatsby keychain

    2. A minimalist movie poster to commemorate all of your favorite book-to-movie adaptations. And if for some reason you can't find the movie you're looking for, you can even request custom posters!

    3. Or this minimalist poster honoring the nail-biting scene at the end of Crazy Rich Asians film when Rachel finally stands up to Nick's mother during an intense game of mahjong.

    crazy rich asains poster with a design of mahjong pieces on it

    4. A delightfully spooky Christmas tree topper for the Stephen King fans who have an affinity for two of the most terrifying movie villains of all time.

    5. Or this frightening realistic bookend that's modeled to look exactly like Jack Nicholson in his famous "Hereeeee's Johnny!!" scene from the climax of the 1980 film adaptation of The Shining. The shelf in your house dedicated to all of your Stephen King hardcovers just got a major upgrade.

    jack nicholson model bookend in between two sets of books

    6. A map poster of Isla Nublar, the fictional island where Jurassic Park is located. You'll find references and Easter eggs to both the Michael Crichton novel and the original film trilogy. I'd suggest staying far away from the velociraptor pen if I were you...

    7. Or these stickers featuring some of the most iconic lines and images from the original 1993 Jurassic Park film. As someone who says "Hold onto your butts" at least once a week, I've never put something in my cart faster.

    four jurassic park stickers: one with a mosquito that says "life, uh, finds a way", one with a velociraptor that says "clever girl" one of a computer that says "hold on to your butts" and one of the DNA illustration from the movie

    8. A Cheetah Girls-inspired mug if you want to harness all your inner Cheetah-licious power while you're sipping your morning java.

    white mug that says "amigas cheetahs friends for life"

    9. A Little Women tote bag that not only features everyone's four favorite sisters, but also the iconic text from the Christmas scene that opens the book.

    front and back of the little women canvas tote

    10. Or a Polaroid-style Little Women bookmark if, every time you reread the classic novel, you can't help but picture Saoirse Ronan as Jo and Timothée Chalamet as Laurie in your head.

    seven different polaroid bookmarks featuring seven scenes from the Greta Gerwig directed 2019 version of Little Women

    11. *Or* this bookmark with an illustration of Halle Berry as Janie from the Their Eyes Were Watching God movie adaptation. Talk about a legendary performance!

    bookmark with "i'm watching god" and an illustration of Janie

    12. A book detailing how filmmakers adapted the magic of the Harry Potter books into eight movies. With 1,200 photographs, sketches, and diagrams, you'll be able to dive deep into the creative process of adapting the written word to film.

    cover of "harry potter: Page to screen"

    13. Or this book for the Jane Austen fans who would love to learn more about the English filming locations from all the movie adaptations of her novels. Start planning your Austenian pilgrimage now!

    illustrated cover of Jane Was Here: An Illustrated guide to Jane Austen's England

    14. Speaking of Jane Austen, a cross-body bag that looks like an exact replica of the original 1813 cover of Pride and Prejudice. Not to be dramatic, but this bag has bewitched me, body and soul.

    15. Or a sticker of THE Mr. Darcy hand flex scene (you know which one I'm talking about) you may or may not have watched about 80 times on YouTube. Don't worry — I'm not judging...because I'm right there with you.

    the sticker on a water bottle

    16. *Or* this Pride and Prejudice-inspired sweatshirt giving me serious Main Character energy thanks to the fashion-forward rose gold text. Wear this when you're feeling confident, strong-willed, and ready to channel your inner Lizzy.

    model wearing the navy blue sweatshirt with rose gold text.

    17. A hilariously dark greeting card because nothing says "I'm moving on" quite like Angela Bassett as Bernadine in Waiting to Exhale as she sets her ex-husband's car and all of his clothes on fire.

    greeting card that says "congratulations on your divorce, girl" with a design of angela bassett on it

    18. A Lord of the Rings-inspired welcome doormat to warn visitors that unless they believe in second breakfast, drinking good ale, and being fiercely loyal to their friends, they need not enter.

    coconut mat with the words "no admittance except on party business" on it

    19. These Romeo + Juliet nail decals if you're that person in high school who went the extra mile in English class and watched the 1996 Baz Luhrmann adaptation on your own and then wouldn't shut up about how breathtakingly beautiful it is.

    a sheet of various stickers depicting scenes from the movie Romeo + Juliet

    20. A lavender and lilac-scented candle inspired by Alice Walker'sThe Color Purple that'll be the perfect addition to any bookshelf. Bookworms will especially love the library lending card design on the front.

    21. An embroidered sweatshirt for any Twilight fan who strongly believes Bella's red truck is the best character in the entire franchise.

    black sweatshirt with red embroidered truck and trees behind it with "Forks, WA" underneath

    22. Or a greeting card featuring the meme-worthy line uttered by everyone's favorite werewolf in New Moon. Feel free to send it to any friend who's recently broken up with their 100-year-old vampire boyfriend.

    an illustration of jacob and "where the hell have you been loca" on a greeting card

    23. A To All the Boys I've Loved Before-inspired Yakult pin if, like Laura Jean and her sisters, you understand that this Japanese probiotic drink is actually the best thing on Earth. Peter Kavinsky sure did catch on pretty fast!

    yakult pin on a letter-inspired background

    24. A necklace with the famous line from The Perks of Being a Wallflower that broke my heart not once, but twice: the first time when I read the book and the second time when Paul Rudd said it in the movie version.

    gold circular pendant with the words "we accept the love we think we deserve" on it

    25. A Princess Bride signpost featuring notable locations from both the movie and the book that you can display as an ornament. What's that? You'd rather have it sit on your desk? As you wish.

    person holding up the princess bride sign pointing to locations like florin, guilder, cliffs of insanity, fire swamp, pit of despair, thieves' forest, and miracle max

    26. Or these statement socks because it's clear The Princess Bride is one of the most quotable movies of all time, so you might as well honor Vizzini's famous exclamation in a sartorial way!

    grey and black statement socks with a design of Vizzini and the word "inconceivable!" on the top

    27. A Dune-inspired retro travel poster if you've been anxiously awaiting the upcoming film adaptation of the sci-fi classic for what seems like a decade now.

    the travel poster with "Visit arrakis, come ride a sandworm on the desert" on it

    28. A Genovia sweatshirt because let's be real — all of us wanted to live in the tiny fictional European country from the second we read Meg Cabot's fantastic Princess Diaries series as a kid.

    model wearing a genovia sweatshirt in dark gray

    29. Or this set of pencils honoring the most iconic lines uttered by Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews in the 2001 Princess Diaries film. Perfect for jotting down notes in class before heading over to Grandma's place for princess lessons.

    a pink pencil that says "me, a princess? shut up!" a blue pencil that says "you saw me when I was invisible" and a purple pencil that says "The queen is never late"

    30. A Wicked Witch of the East-inspired bookmark for any The Wizard of Oz fans looking for a cheeky way to keep their place in the latest novel they're reading.

    31. A I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings pin featuring an original design that beautifully illustrates the theme behind Maya Angelou's groundbreaking autobiography as well as the 1979 movie adaptation.

    Pin that looks like the book "I Know why the caged bird sings" on it with a blue bird in a cage signing

    32. A Breakfast at Tiffany's eye mask if you're inspired by Holly Golightly's dedication to always look glamorous, even when snoozing away.

    The aqua mask with gold sequin trim and gold embroidery to look like eyebrows and eyelashes

    33. An art print of the book cover of Emma with actual text from the novel behind it if you're looking for a way to honor the most determined matchmaker in all of Regency-era England.

    the art print with text framed with a black frame and sitting on the floor

    34. Or a fluffy pen if you're particularly fond of the classic '90s teen film Clueless (which, as I'm sure you already know, is a modern retelling of Emma) and want to feel like Cher Horowitz as she schemes up her next romantic escapade.

    person holding a pink fluffy pen

    35. A unique lithograph puzzle that uses the entire text of a novel to create an image depicting a scene from the same book. Because each puzzle only has a few colors, you'll have to use the words as clues to figure out which pieces go together.

    puzzle depicting the alien invasion on "war of the worlds"

    You whenever someone asks whether you like to read the book or watch the movie more:

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