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    Updated on Aug 9, 2018. Posted on Jul 25, 2018

    23 Jokes That'll Leave You Wanting To Binge Watch "Parks And Rec" All In One Sitting

    "The wooooooo-oooorst."

    1. These Parks and Rec themed menu boards:

    Specialbored / Via

    2. This magazine cover:

    3. Jerry being Jerry on Friends :

    NBC / Via

    4. I bet you a "paunch burger" that you read all of this in their voices:


    5. These illustrated Leslie Knope compliments to Ann:

    Shebani Rao / Via
    NBC / Via
    Shebani Rao / Via

    6. This perfect placement of P&R on Netflix :

    Netflix / Via

    7. This T-shirt is the woo-oooorst:

    cameronicheese / Via

    (Side note: It's great.)

    8. These cross stitches:

    SeeSophieStitch / Via
    BananyaStand / Via

    9. This letter board:

    Updated our letter board and I’m very pleased #ParksAndRec

    10. This hilarious line which was actually improvised by Chris Pratt:

    The Paley Center For Media / Via

    11. This photo of the P&R gals getting together for Galentinesday:

    12. This wholesome tweet by Chris Pratt:

    Pure joy? Andy Dwyer. Loved everything about it. And got to do it while 7 minutes from home. The best. Miss my @parksandrecnbc crew.

    13. Mark "Brendanaquits":

    14. This deleted scene:

    NBC / Via

    15. This very "Ron Swanson" tweet by Nick Offerman:

    I would grill that child the finest steak she had ever apprehended you turgid dumbass

    16. Another one:

    If memory serves I believe it was none of your goddamn business

    17. This number plate:

    OhhMyyJosh / Via

    18. This sign at an Indiana Public Library:

    NightTrainDan / Via

    19. And this sign at someone's workplace:

    Specialxk / Via

    20. This calzone meme:

    ShadowThongg / Via

    21. This proof that Adam Scott and Ben Wyatt are the exact same person:

    As fate would have it, my pizza-making class in Italy goes awry, so the chef saves me by turning it into a calzone.

    22. Ron Swanson's face on the side of a gent's public toilet in South India:

    23. Name a better line up, I'll wait:

    TreborMAI / Via

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