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    People On Twitter Are Talking About This Line From The "Madame Web" Trailer, Travis Kelce's Old Tweets, And More

    Note to self: don't research spiders.

    Hello, fellow internet explorers! Welcome back to Chronically Online, where we break down the latest memes, TikTok trends, and viral moments that are buzzing around in your phone.

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    First things first, the Madame Web trailer is finally here and Twitter got stuck on one wild line in particular, turning the whole thing into a meme.

    Twitter: @DiscussingFilm
    The specific line is: "He was in the Amazon with my mom when she was researching spiders right before she died." Maybe it makes more sense in context?

    People threw it into existing meme formats, including Dakota Johnson's iconic "Ellen" appearance.

    Twitter: @alex_abads

    Needless to say, people had a lot of fun with the cringey dialogue.

    Twitter: @isaacfeldberg

    But Twitter wasn't done there. No, they also had to dig up old Travis Kelce (Taylor Swift's new boo) tweets, but don't worry! They were surprisingly unproblematic.

    Twitter: @folklorexcvi

    In fact, they were — dare I say — wholesome? And funny? And kind of made me love him more?

    Twitter: @tkelce
    Brands like Olive Garden and Chipotle definitely love him after he gave them shoutouts.

    And another Twitter meme emerged this week: the not-yet-a-burger cow. Vegans, look away.

    Twitter: @_uncle_gworl

    People twisted the original post into a joke, offering everything from meaty promises to suggesting recipes. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cringe!

    Twitter: @TheLotaChukwu

    Meanwhile, on TikTok, another celeb got into hot water after participating in one of those "hey, random stranger, show me your apartment" videos.


    @Deacon Location: West village Occuaption: student

    ♬ original sound - CALEB SIMPSON

    The celeb: Reese Witherspoon's son. The issue: Nepo baby syndrome.

    People in the comments seemed divided on whether or not the NYC apartment (admittedly very nice, but he does have roommates) screamed "nepo baby" or not. Guess we'll never know!

    And now (for a palate cleanser), we rounded up a few enjoyable things from around the internet, just for you.

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    Yearn: To be a rich dog staying at The Plaza hotel.

    Put: Some respect on Stanley Tucci's name!!!

    Twitter: @lucyj_ford

    Wish: That you could make art like *this*.

    Twitter: @PurdieeArt

    Jam: Andre 3000's new album (it's not what you expect).

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    That's all for this week! Be free and go forth to explore the deepest (and weirdest) corners of the internet this weekend. Enjoy!

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