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Updated on Dec 4, 2019. Posted on Nov 26, 2017

These Yes Or No Questions Will Reveal If You're An Introvert

This quiz will tell all.

  1. Are you active in more than two different group text message threads?

  2. Have you been hungover in the past week?

  3. Do you own more than one scented candle?

  4. When a coworker asks you to go have a drink after work, do you want to go?

  5. Are you a fan of last-minute plans?

  6. What about being on camera?

  7. Are you constantly adding movies to your Netflix queue?

  8. When you're at a party, do you find yourself going straight to the dog?

  9. Would your friends describe you as "spontaneous"?

  10. Do you thrive when you're in charge of a project?

  11. Do you have more than one meal delivery app on your phone?

  12. Were you on any sports teams in high school?

  13. Do you enjoy public speaking?

  14. Do you send the first message on Tinder?

  15. Do you act first without thinking?

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