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    17 Unsettling Pictures That Cannot Be Explained

    What the flippin' HECK.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us the spookiest pictures they've ever taken. Here are the scary-as-heck results.

    1. "My brother and I were at an aquarium a couple of years ago and I tried to time the picture perfectly with the turtle on his left. When we checked the pictures out, we got this creepy little surprise."

    2. "My mom's house is haunted, so my brother took a few pictures of her standing at the end of her hallway. It wasn't until after he adjusted the brightness when we noticed this very scary, very dark figure standing next to her."

    3. "This was on my way to junior prom in 2006. I just left dinner when my friend snapped this photo. It wasn't until afterward when she noticed the creepy figure to the left of our friend's head."

    4. “This is what I’m sure is my dad standing in my hallway on Christmas of 2009. He died in June of that year.”

    5. "This is from the decommissioned Trans-Allegheney Lunatic Asylum in Weston, West Virginia. The woman in the hospital gown, in front of the actual person sitting with his legs out in front of him, wasn't there with me."

    6. "I was on a ghost tour at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado so I took a few pictures. I didn't notice what appears to be a man in an old army uniform standing directly behind me until I got home."

    7. "My brother bought this camper several years ago. After he posted this picture, he noticed the figure inside. He didn’t have it long."

    8. "I took this webcam selfie in 2011. I didn't notice the shadowy creature in the background until afterward."

    9. "My sister snapped a picture of our cat running across the basement. When we looked at the picture afterward, we noticed what she captured on the right side."

    10. "This is my cousin and me inside the cellar of the Jennie Wade house in Gettysburg. When I got the film developed, I notice this white line around me."

    11. "I took this picture at the Gallows in Charleston, South Carolina, during a ghost tour. They were talking about executions, so I took a few pictures. At first, it looked like a person until I thought, 'Where's the rest of the body?'"

    12. "This was taken in the old Savannah Trolley Company warehouse in Savannah, Georgia. It was pitch black and nobody else was back there with me."

    13. "This was taken in a hallway of the decommissioned St. Albans Sanatorium in Radford, Virginia. The floating pin lights slowly came out of the wall on one side and floated through the wall on the other side. The weird thing they were dragging along with them was only visible in the picture I took."

    14. "My aunt works in a middle school cafeteria where she always feels like she's being watched. The day this picture was taken, she heard noises all around the kitchen and decided to take some pictures. This is what showed up."

    15. "I had dinner on the Queen Mary, one of the most haunted places in the country. I took a picture because I loved the art decor and didn't look at my pictures until the next day. There was no one in front of me when I took this picture."

    16. "I sent this picture to a friend to let them know our favorite movie was on TV, but something felt weird about it. Lo and behold, this shadowy figure appeared in an empty hallway behind me."

    17. "My niece took this photo when a bird got into her house. No one was behind her when this photo was taken."

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