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29 TV Deaths From 2017 That Were Completely And Utterly Heartbreaking


We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV death from 2017 left them completely devastated. Here are the tragic results.

In no particular order...

1. Hannah Baker, 13 Reasons Why


"I know the whole plot of 13 Reasons Why is Hannah's suicide, but watching her slit her wrists and bleed out was so upsetting and I bawled. Seeing her mom find her made it even worse."


"I was doing okay with Hannah's suicide scene until her parents found her. I completely lost it and had to assure my toddler I was crying because of a sad TV show."


2. Shiva, The Walking Dead


"She sacrificed herself for King Ezekiel. The tears kept coming after you heard her moan in pain while the walkers ate her."


"I can deal with human deaths; on TV they're rarely surprising. But animals? No thank you. I need a warning for that sort of thing. Shiva didn't deserve to go out like that at all!"


3. Linda Reagan, Blue Bloods


"When Linda died, it was the most devastating thing to watch. They didn't show how she died, but when her husband was in the office crying and blaming himself, it was just awful."


4. Jeff Atkins, 13 Reasons Why


"He deserved better."


5. Professor Martin Stein, Legends of Tomorrow

The CW

"Never in a million years did I think I would've cried at a character's death from a show that doesn't even take itself seriously. He's old, but his sacrifice destroyed Nazi's plan from another Earth, which is awesome."


"Throughout the show we grew to love him and he earned a special place in our hearts. Yes, he died heroically but that doesn't make his death any less sad. I got so emotional from it."


6. Harrison Wells (H.R.), The Flash

The CW

"He was such a pure soul who made some mistakes and felt terrible. He deserved a happy ending, but at least he died a hero."


"His death was legitimately unexpected and just as I was starting to warm up to him, he dies."


7. Bob Newby, Stranger Things


"He was a SUPERHERO. We fell in love with him more and more throughout each episode. His love for Joyce and her boys, and his willingness to take the chance of sacrificing himself to save them was so sweet. I have never experienced a sadder death since Jack from Titanic.


"Bob's death destroyed my heart and just about everyone else’s. They did him dirty just like Barb. #BobIsTheNewBarb"


8. Ruby (Thunder Thighs), The Deuce


"A demand for basic human dignity from a woman leads to murder. So tragic."


9. Viserion, Game of Thrones


"I’m still in mourning over the death of a CGI dragon. And to make matters worse, the White Walkers made him a wight, and we’ll have to watch him fight his siblings. I can’t bare it."


"The scene was heartbreaking enough on its own. Add Dany's reaction to it, plus the fact the he was resurrected by the Night King, and it was enough to break my stone-cold heart."


10. Siobhan Sadler, Orphan Black

Space/BBC America

"It was so heartbreaking to watch, not only because she knew it was coming, but because we knew the impact her death would have on Sarah and the rest of Clone Club. Maria Doyle Kennedy did such an amazing job portraying her character that it was so difficult to come to grips with the fact that she wasn’t going to survive until the end."


"Horrible. Just horrible. And it was at Ferdinand’s hand, but at she took him with her."


11. Michael Cordero Jr., Jane the Virgin

The CW

"I cried for three weeks because Jane and Michael remind me of me and my boyfriend so much and to see Jane lose her soulmate was so heartbreaking for me. It showed us that you really never know what could happen and to appreciate everything and everyone in your life."


"His death was absolutely heartbreaking. It still gets to me. He was a character I resonated with, and I'm sure a lot of fans feel the same."


12. Mary Watson, Sherlock


"She just had a baby and her husband’s reaction to her death was heart-wrenching. Watching Sherlock feel guilty for her death and get back into drugs really makes this extra awful."


13. William Hill, This Is Us


"We all knew it was coming, but when it finally happened, it was so devastating. Especially for Randall, who lost a second dad."


"As if I don’t already cry during every episode, I used an entire box of tissue when William died."


14. Mary Whitney, Alias Grace


"I knew it was coming, but to see it actually happen just gutted me."


15. Crowley, Supernatural

The CW

"Crowley will be greatly missed. He was one of the best characters this show will ever have."


16. Olenna Tyrell, Game of Thrones


"I can take a lot from Cersei, but Olenna's death will never be forgiven."


"She died like a total badass, plunging a final thorn in Cersei's side."


17. Zach Goodweather, The Strain


"It had to happen, and even though I hated that little shit, his sacrifice and last moments with his father were beautiful."


18. Diane Pierce, Grey's Anatomy


"It was so fast but peaceful. It brings tears to my eyes."


"While most of Grey's Anatomy is just absolutely awful, this death bothered me so much. It was an amazingly well done story and it broke my heart."

—Kerensa Keller-Pearson, Facebook

19. Joan Crawford, Feud: Bette and Joan


"It was so meaningful because of the scene before her death, with her hallucination about everyone from her past."


20. Wes Gibbons, How to Get Away with Murder


"It literally left me in tears. It was not fair the way he died. He will be missed."


21. Rayna James, Nashville


"The death of Rayna Jaymes was absolutely devastating. I was upset, confused, and angry. After I watched it again with my mom, we completely broke down sobbing. I don’t think I have ever cried that much over the death of a TV character."


"I cried and obsessed over the death of Rayna James for over a week. I had just gotten the news that my own mother was dying from cancer and it really messed me up."


22. Norman Bates, Bates Motel


"It was so easy to develop a love-hate relationship with Norman throughout the show, but having him portrayed as a lost boy reuniting with his mother in death made you feel for the guy. Also, thanking his brother for shooting him, was all too heart-wrenching.


"I knew it was coming, but couldn't be prepared for it. They made him human, rather than just some monster. When he reunited with his mother and was at peace, I ugly cried for about 20 minutes."

—Megan Burge, Facebook

23. Eric Raleigh, The Walking Dead


"One of the only gay couples in the show was ended with Eric's death. He was so sweet and his relationship with Aaron was one of the best. What's even more heartbreaking was when he turned into a zombie and was walking in the opposite direction of Aaron towards a herd, with Aaron being forced to let him stay as a walker."

—Carrie Peña, Facebook

24. Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger), Game of Thrones


"I know he was horrible, but Littlefinger's death really got to me. The way he begged at the end, you really saw him for who he was."


"His plot line dwindled in the latest season, but he was a pretty awesome wild card throughout the series."

—Chris Giddings, Facebook

25. Whitey, Tin Star

Sky Atlantic

"Whitey's entire life was such a sad, horrible series of events. I went from completely hating him and thinking he was a psycho, to rooting for him and Anna. My heart broke into so many pieces for not only his death, but Anna and Angela after the backstory comes full circle."

—Ashley Fruhwirth, Facebook

26. Touie Dacey, StartUp


"I was so devastated for the loss of this complicated character and how it really shaped part of the plot by eliminating toxic masculinity."

—Cooper Janse, Facebook

27. Frank Randall, Outlander


"He was a flawed man, but he loved Claire so much and it broke him when she came back, but she didn't really come back. He deserved better. At least Brianna loved him."

—Erinne Beachler, Facebook

28. Jeffrey Mace, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


"It took us a while to trust him, and as soon as we did, he sacrificed himself to save everyone. The fact that Fitz ordered the airstrike was an added emotional blow."

—Jamie Jirak, Facebook

29. Rosario Salazar, Will & Grace


"Not only by her death, but Karen's reaction to it and Will comforting her. I wish I hadn't been chopping onions while watching that."

—Anna Arpin, Facebook

"It was the way Karen was so vulnerable. We always knew they loved each other, but the funeral ending was perfect and a tearjerker."

—Julie Salas Rodriguez, Facebook

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The Supernatural death was misidentifed as Castiel in a previous version of this post. Apologies to the Cas fans, and thanks to the commenters who pointed out our error!