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28 Posts That Accurately Describe What It's Like To Be An Introvert

I can't go out, I'm busy.

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Too many social obligations + no alone time = a total grump.

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The Irish good-bye is your signature move.


Your personal hell consists of people who are constantly trying to make conversation with you.


Your alone time is sacred.

Your time alone is sacred.

Your time alone is sacred.

You've never said this before:

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You're a pro at negotiating with your extroverted friends.


Hanging out with yourself is a legit commitment that some people don't get.

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No, seriously, why would they?

Why would anyone go big when they could go home.

Try your hand at calligraphy.

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10. 24 Secrets Introverts Won't Tell You

Some of your best friends are actually characters from your favorite books and TV shows.

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11. 21 Things Introverts Love

Recharging after a long stretch of socializing.


Sometimes you can't be bothered. Actually, most of the time.


13. 21 Texts Every Introvert Has Sent

When someone invites you out, AGAIN, and you have to come up with a new excuse.

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I WILL stay at a party for longer than 20 minutes.

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This stress-relief toy who totally feels your pain of interacting with humans.

Get it here.

It's not like you're sitting around doing nothing – you have a busy schedule.

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Really, don't.

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We've all experienced this lovely encounter at some point.

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19. 22 Shirts Every Introvert Should Own

For when you're being peer pressured.

Get it here.

The whole idea of "making plans" doesn't really make sense to you.

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Being home alone doesn't quite mean the same thing to us as it does to you.



What it usually means: When you are so excited that you want to express your happiness to the world.

What it means to an introvert: Something you are often forced to fake in groups of people.

When people ask why you look so tired.


The stress of possibly having to call someone back is REAL.

Twitter: @RevJooeest

It's not so much that you don't like other people; you just prefer to be around people you already know.

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"Why are you so quiet?"

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This moment of optimism.

28. 21 Signs You're Old Before Your Time

You'd rather be getting up early and hanging out with this kind of friend than going out and meeting new people.

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