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    Psst...Come Read This If You Want Your Mind Blown With Existential What-Ifs

    What if your dreams are actually a peek into your existence in parallel universes?

    1. What if your dreams are actually a peek into your existence in parallel universes?

    2. What if aliens exist, but they're avoiding Earth and observing humans like animals in a zoo?

    3. Furthermore, what if aliens were 65 million light years away and they looked at Earth through a remarkably powerful telescope? Would they see back when dinosaurs were alive?

    4. What if the universe is a hologram and reality is an illusion?

    5. What if YOU are the only one who exists, and everybody else is a figment of your imagination?

    6. What if the first person who will live to be 1,000 years old has already been born?

    7. What if your life is like The Truman Show, and everything you experience is part of a grand, reality TV production?

    8. What if the universe is a simulation that's run by a being (or multiple beings) of higher intelligence?

    9. What if UFOs are actually humans in the future, traveling back in time?

    10. What if the universe was created last Thursday, along with false memories and evidence that make you believe the it has been around for a long time?

    11. What if profoundly powerful artificial intelligence from the future will punish you for not helping it exist sooner?

    12. What if all objects don't exist physically, they're just data that's simulated by your mind, and distinguished through your senses — meaning nothing outside of your current perception exists.

    13. What if parallel universes exist, and it's possible that you can suddenly wake up in one like Lerina Garcia, or unexplainably wind up in like the man from Taured?

    14. And finally, what if we're all just brains in a jar, and the reality we think we're living in is fake, much like The Matrix?