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    16 More Unpopular Alcohol Opinions That Might Make You Rethink What You Drink

    "Ice cold beer is trash. Room or cellar temperature all the way."

    Recently we took a look at some tweets in which people shared their unpopular alcohol opinions. This sparked more responses, so now here's a sequel of controversial, piping hot takes.

    1. "Ice cold beer is trash. Room or cellar temperature all the way."

    2. "Cocktails have no right to be so expensive. They taste like medicine."

    3. "Red wine and coke is pretty darn good. Sounds weird, but I’m into it."

    4. "Tequila by itself is vile. I can't even stand to smell the stuff."

    5. "Moscato isn’t even real wine. It tastes like syrup."

    6. "White wine tastes like vomit."

    7. "Whiskey is gross no matter if it’s aged. 50 years old and still bad."

    8. "Sweet wine is for underage drinkers."

    9. "Wine snobs are the worst. Go drink your dad-ass wine in the corner and keep your judgmental attitude to yourself while I pop a bottle of rosé."

    10. "Weed > any form of alcohol."

    11. "All beer is nasty. I've never had one that was remotely good."

    12. "Sweet wine is delicious, you all just hate nice things. Also, Mike's Hard Lemonade is great."

    13. "Clear liquors are for rich women on diets."

    14. "The only taste differences in wine are sweetish and bitter AF. Anyone who says otherwise is just lying to themselves."

    15. "Best drink is a double vodka cranberry. Separately both are disgusting, together, and it must be a double, it tastes like a Sour Skittle and is too easy to down in 4—6 slurps. Squeeze lime into it and 😙."

    16. "The only alcoholic drinks that are palatable are mixed drinks with so much going on, you can’t even taste the alcohol. And even then it’s a stretch."