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21 Times TV Shows Killed Off A Character And Ruined The Entire Series For People

WARNING: Contains big, sad, potentially series-ruining spoilers.

Recently, we asked TV fans to share a character death that devastated them and pretty much ruined the series in the process. Here were some of the 300+ submissions!

1. Lexa from The 100 being shot. (SEVERAL FANS MENTIONED THIS DEATH)

2. Michael from Jane the Virgin having an aortic dissection after initially surviving a gunshot.

3. Quentin on The Magicians sacrificing himself to defeat the Monster. (SEVERAL FANS MENTIONED THIS DEATH)

4. Tara from Sons of Anarchy being brutally murdered.

5. Carl from The Walking Dead being bitten by a walker. (SEVERAL FANS MENTIONED THIS DEATH)

6. Silus from Vampire Diaries being stabbed by a dagger.

7. Poussey Washington on Orange Is the New Black getting killed during a confrontation. (SEVERAL FANS MENTIONED THIS DEATH)

8. Allison in Teen Wolf being stabbed.

9. Prudence from Charmed being killed by a demon shooting her into a wall.

10. J.T. from Degrassi: The Next Generation being stabbed.

11. Rayna James from Nashville being in an accident.

12. Billy from Ally McBeal dying from a brain tumor.

13. Charlie from Lost drowning.

14. Edie Britt crashing into a pole and then being electrocuted on Desperate Housewives.

15. Marissa from The O.C. dying in a car accident.

16. Mark Greene from ER dying of a tumor.

17. Sybil in Downton Abbey dying of a condition related to her pregnancy.

18. Tom Keen from The Blacklist being stabbed and shot.

19. Dr. Melendez in The Good Doctor dying from injuries suffered during an earthquake.

20. Rita from Dexter being murdered.

21. Logan from Veronica Mars dying in a blast.

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