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16 Things You Never Knew About The Greatest Movie Ever, "Hitch"

Will Smith as a smooth, charismatic date doctor = pure gold.

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5. Will Smith revealed that Eva Mendes was eventually cast as Sara Melas, because the filmmakers didn’t want to cast a white or black actress.

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Moviemakers feared that a black couple would be off-putting for the worldwide audience, while a white/black couple might offend viewers in the United States.

6. Paula Patton made her film debut in Hitch, playing Mandy.

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In her scene, Hitch hands her a $20 bill, pretending to mistake her for a waitress, even though it’s just his clever excuse to talk to her.

7. Alexander Skarsgård is seen in Hitch, but if you blink you might miss it.

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His picture is shown in a tabloid magazine in which he’s Allegra Cole’s boyfriend who got caught cheating.

8. Hitch wasn’t Will Smith and Eva Mendes’ first time being involved in a project together.

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Mendes was in the music video for Will Smith’s “Miami,” in a car mouthing the phrase “bienvenido a Miami.”


10. The name Allegra Cole stems from a fictional celebrity who appeared in Esquire magazine named Allegra Coleman.

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Ali Larter portrayed this character, who was described in scandalous satire writings that served as a publicity stunt.

12. Before Albert and Hitch meet for the first time, Hitch is seen reading through some notes on Albert, which list his favorite movies.

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The list includes Mannequin, Revenge of the Nerds, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, and Welcome to the Dollhouse.


15. Jeffrey Donovan from Burn Notice was all up in Hitch.

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Remember Vance Munson, the guy Hitch meets with but refuses consultation to after finding out he's a scumbag? Yep, that's him.

16. Hitch is the third highest grossing romantic comedy of all time (but number one in our hearts).

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That number only trails What Women Want ($182,811,707) and My Big Fat Greek Wedding ($241,438,208).