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    16 Things You Never Knew About The Greatest Movie Ever, "Hitch"

    Will Smith as a smooth, charismatic date doctor = pure gold.

    1. Hitch’s college girlfriend Cressida is named after a character from a Shakespeare play.

    2. Cressida had more scenes in the movie than Hitch's flashback, but they were cut.

    3. There’ve been talks of a Hitch television series in development.

    4. Cameron Diaz was allegedly considered to be cast as Sara Melas.

    5. Will Smith revealed that Eva Mendes was eventually cast as Sara Melas, because the filmmakers didn’t want to cast a white or black actress.

    6. Paula Patton made her film debut in Hitch, playing Mandy.

    7. Alexander Skarsgård is seen in Hitch, but if you blink you might miss it.

    8. Hitch wasn’t Will Smith and Eva Mendes’ first time being involved in a project together.

    9. In the opening credits of Hitch, there’s a firehouse that’s actually the same one seen in Ghostbusters.

    10. The name Allegra Cole stems from a fictional celebrity who appeared in Esquire magazine named Allegra Coleman.

    11. Former Miss World, Aishwarya Rai was offered a role in Hitch.

    12. Before Albert and Hitch meet for the first time, Hitch is seen reading through some notes on Albert, which list his favorite movies.

    13. Also listed are some of Albert's favorite musicians.

    14. It’s widely rumored that Jennifer Lopez turned down the role of Sara Melas.

    15. Jeffrey Donovan from Burn Notice was all up in Hitch.

    16. Hitch is the third highest grossing romantic comedy of all time (but number one in our hearts).