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17 Things You Had No Idea Existed That'll Make You Say, "The Future Is Here"

A refrigerator with REVOLVING LEVELS?!

1. This credit card that changes the CVV number every four hours.

jjvj / Via

2. This vein finder in the hospital.

Questionable_MD / Via

3. This refrigerator that has REVOLVING LEVELS so you can reach everything on each one.

seraphim2703 / Via

4. This building in Chicago called Aqua that looks like it has puddles in it and is some truly advanced-looking architecture.

NKevros / Via

5. This homework that comes with a code that can be scanned and will take students to an instruction video from the teacher.

nameihate / Via

6. This robot that patrols the grocery store and cleans spills.

haleli / Via

7. This projector that retracts back into the ceiling and looks like a tile.

NateSpyder / Via

8. This line of delivery bots.

DoxNox / Via

9. This ATM that lets you decide which bills you want.

the_next_cheesus / Via

10. This noise tracker that sits in the library and changes colors when folks get too loud.

Blackborealis / Via

11. This battery that's rechargeable via a USB.

fallensk8r / Via

12. This TV-light simulator that can be used to trick people into thinking somebody is home, staving off burglars.

skymaredreamseek / Via

13. This keypad that changes the order of the numbers every time it's used so people can't decode a password based on hand movements.

celebi1023 / Via

14. This curved escalator.

umbrellabranch / Via

15. This single sleek motor powering THREE WHOLE ceiling fans.

WesternAnimator / Via

16. This beautiful chrome Tesla.

tardissomethingblue / Via

17. And finally, this super-intense railway-and-road layout in Japan.

plutonium-239 / Via